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Use of the R/F Logo and Other Copyrighted Images

Started by Magister, May 12, 2008, 09:09:12 AM

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Recently there has been some questions surrounding the use of the R/F Logo on crafted items. As a crafter / artisan myself, I know it is tempting to want to incorporate the logo of our beloved site in to our work. However, as tempting as this may be, we need to stop and consider the implications of doing do.

I wanted to take a minute to post a quick FYI for everyone.

You should be aware that the R/F Logo and all associated site content, images, and text is copyrighted by the site owner(s). In this case being John. This is plainly evidenced by the statement at the bottom of each page, "©2002-2007 All rights reserved."

Additionally, the RF Logo was designed by Deadbishop. He holds the copyright for its use. Deadbishop also authorizes / licenses all use of the R/F Logo for commercial products.

If it is not authorized by Deadbishop or John, then it is an unlicensed use, and subject to infringement. As a customer it is OK to ask if the item has been approved by the appropriate people.

That being said, keep in mind that no one can use the logo, images, or text from the site without written permission from the copyright holder for the sole purpose of incorporation in to their product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use the Logo or other picture on my personal item?

Technically no. The copyright is not just for commercial purposes. The copyright gives the holder the SOLE right to reproduce the artwork, or any derivative thereof. It applies to all uses, not just on items that would be for sale.

How do you get permission?

Ask! All it takes is an email to John and Deadbishop with your idea, and how you would like to use the R/F Logo, image or text. Will the item be commercial (for sale) or for private use? This is not a guarantee they will give the permission, but it is the first step in gaining it.

What happens if I use it on a product without permission?

Well.. simply, you open yourself up to a lawsuit for copyright infringement. The R/F Logo, and brand is the property of another person, and you are using it without their permission. You are committing a type of theft. I have been assured the copyright holders will pursue this matter vigorously.

Where can I find more information about copyright law?

There are many sites that provide easy to understand explanations of the law. However, you might start with:

US Copyright Office:
Cornell Law School:

Ultimately, it is simple. Would you want someone else stealing your hard work? Your drawings, pictures, designs, images and selling them as their own? No, I am sure you would not. So please respect the people who make this site possible, and not steal their hard work. Let common sense prevail.


- Mag
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