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FA--Pixie Wings
« on: May 12, 2008, 09:33:16 AM »
I know we had several pages referencing fairy/pixie wings at the old forum... but all is lost now!  :'(   For the festival this year, I'm thinking it is going to be easiest for me to put together a pixie outfit..  I am already working the pieces of the actual clothing together...  just need the wings.  Now, I know there were several people who said to make them yourself...  nah, don't want to.  lol!  I'm just being honest.  With a 4.5 month old and a full time job.....  I just don't have the time to sit down and create wings for myself.  Maybe when my son is older or I'm working less hours, but that just isn't in the cards at the moment. 

So, if any of you still have those fabulous links of your favorite wing vendor (and also anything pixie related!).... please share!

Much appreciated! ;D


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Re: FA--Pixie Wings
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2008, 03:35:31 AM »
Great Idea RosE!1

Ladies and Gents.... Link Away!

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Re: FA--Pixie Wings
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2008, 09:41:48 PM »
Um.... I make wings. I do custom based on your design. If you will be attending Rendevous, you can see the wings I make there. Otherwise, renfairephotog has a fairy photography site that shows some examples.  or check out 

Fairemare, if this is not an appropriate place, feel free to move my post. I'm going downstairs to make wings ......

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Re: FA--Pixie Wings
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2008, 02:02:32 PM »
not sure what kind of wings you like for your garb if you want long wings there are may sites for that if you small wings I saw them at our fair in ok. so i`am sure they will have them at yours. you could check there when you arrive if you have not found something before the day of your fair I offten get my garb at our Ren fair I get from a whole my lady garb to just some added peices. so if you don`t find anything pior to the day of your fair check out the vendors at the fair  sory  I`am not much help  ps wire and sheeer make wings of any kind.  ;D

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Re: FA--Pixie Wings
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2008, 03:45:44 PM »
I got my wings from this lady: She's cutting back on her wing-making to work on her other art but maybe she's still got some? Anyway, her wings are wonderful and I never fail to get compliments on mine when I wear them.


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Re: FA--Pixie Wings
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2008, 01:13:17 AM »
I am surprised there are not any more responces that what was posted already.  Where are the link goddesses?


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