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Renaissance Festival Podcast, 105 - 2008 Awards Show
« on: February 23, 2009, 07:31:57 PM »


Kristen Roger  and    Marc Gunn

Plus Joe Haydu, image coming when I can find it O_o

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Wednesday,January 28, 2009

Renaissance Festival Podcast #105 - 2008 Awards Show

Music from the Tartan Terrors, the Rogues, Bocca Musica, Bounding Main, Empty Hats, Craig of Farrington, Owain Phyfe, Jesse Linder, Neid Frye, and Darcy Nair.

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Best Music Group

1) Tartan Terrors, Fusion
2) The Rogues, Queen of the Lost Scots from Off Kilter
3) Bocca Musica, Beaver from We Are Entertainers
4) Bounding Main, Blow Liza Blow from Going Overboard
5) Empty Hats, Kilkeey, Ireland from 5

Best Musical Soloist

1) Craig of Farrington, Mary Mac from Blue upon  Blue
2) Owain Phyfe, Si Tu Supieras from Lagrimas de Sangria
3) Jesse Linder,Carrickfergus from Easy and Free
4) Neid Frye, Maid on the Shore from Duck Feet Waddling
5) Darcy Nair, Half Moon Bay from High Strung

Best Non-Musical Group

1) Barely Balanced
2) The Tortuga Twins
3) Pickled Brothers Sideshow
4) Don Juan & Miguel
5) The Washing Well Wenches

Best Non-Musical Solo Act

1) Ded Bob
2) Daniel Green Wolf
3) Doktor Kaboom
4) Zilch the Tory Steller
5) Moonie the Magnificent

Best Jousting Troupe

1) Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre
2) Knights of Noble Cause
3) The Free Lancers of the Cimmerian Combatives Company
4) Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Jousting Troupe
5) Paragon Jousting and Adventure Theater

Best Stage Combat Group

1) Don Juan and Miguel
2) Fight School
3) Hack & Slash
4) Bristol Fight Cast
5) The Duelists

Best Vendor

1) Lusty Leather
2) Moresca
3) Cunning Woman and Jack Salt
4) Pendragon Costumes
5) Excalibur Leather

Best Renaissance Festival

1) Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
2) Maryland Renaissance Festival
3) Bristol Renaissance Faire
4) Minnesota Renaissance Festival
5) New York Renaissance Faire

Best New Renaissance Festival

1) Michigan Pirate Festival
2) Long Island Pirate Faire
3) Winslow Shire Renaissance Faire in Massachusetts
4) Virginia Renaissance Faire
5) Maine Renaissance Faire

Best Childrens Act

1) Fool Hearty
2) Rosalita's Puppet Show
3) Twig the Faerie
4) Patrick Franz - Robin Hood and St. George & the Dragon
5) Dragon Scales and Fairy Tales

Best Faire Photography
1) Arwen Renaissance Photography
2) Photography on the Run's Photos
3) Photography by Michael Ulrich
4) Majikboxman, Mankato MN. Fantasy Art. Minnesota Renaissance
Festival Photography

Best New CD

(No winners)

Best Faire Community

1) PA Ren Faire community for Friends of the Pennsylvania Renaissance
3) Friends of Maryland Renaissance Festival
4) The Bristol Board
5) NERennies

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- The Renaissance Festival Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, Kristen Roger, and Joe Haydu. If you like what you heard today, visit our shownotes at and find out more about the artists who make the music happen. Show your support by telling your friends of the great music you found.

Music Challenge

The Music Challenge will return next podcast!  

Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading The Faire is Over

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Re: Renaissance Festival Podcast, 105 - 2008 Awards Show
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2009, 05:30:38 AM »
I have an idea to add to the fray. . . maybe next year, you can run a best magazine competition
between Renaissance Magazine, Faire Magazine, Faerie Magazine, The Pyrates
Way magazine, No Quarter Given newsletter,  and Pirates Magazine. . . . just
a thought.
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Re: Renaissance Festival Podcast, 105 - 2008 Awards Show
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2009, 06:48:39 PM »
As long as there are enough people eligible and the Ren Fest Awards crew are willing to pick the categories, I'm game.


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