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Passing of XZ of CHAOS & Red Star
« on: April 09, 2009, 08:59:22 AM »
Some know me as Rock of CHAOS.  Some know me as Rockadillo of Red Star.  My home Faire and Fairemily is Texas Renaissance Festival.

It is with a heavy heart that I must report to you that our brother X (camp master and Chef Xtrordinaire of Red Star) has walked the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla.  He was involved in an auto accident Monday night and has made his transition.  Please send out your prayers, your white light and your healing energy to his Ladye Michelle and his children Kyle, Mark and Ariel.  Remember and savor the thoughts of him you hold dear, cherish them, and he is with us forever.  He would not want us to wail, tear out our hair and rend our flesh in remembrance, but to revel in his honour.  He has not passed from us, but walks ahead of us on point, breaking trail into the unknowable beyond for us, to prepare the way for us to follow.  And now his resounding belches will shake the meade halls of Valhalla. 

The service will be at 3pm On Monday at Cochran Funeral Home 212 Old Groveton Rd. Onalaska, TX. 77360. Their main phone number is 936-646-2558.

A further update from the family.  A viewing has been arranged from 9AM to noon, same location.  Please pass this along.

Following 59N, in Livingston you will go left onto 190N to Onalaska. Once there pass the second light and I am told you will see Old Groveton Rd. on the Right by the 1st State Bank. Be aware that from the maps I have found it may also be labeled Sandy Ridge rd./FM3457.



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