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Four Winds Texas Invitational Joust Competition
« on: June 02, 2009, 07:10:48 PM »
Cross posted from email:

You are invited to the Four Winds Texas Invitational Joust Competition.

The only Full contact Jousting Competition in Texas, Four Winds Faire will award the official 2009 state jousting champion title. Join us on June 6 and  7 to decide which knights will go to the international Jousting Competition in Estes Park, Colorado in September. The Joust will offer four installments each offering competitions in tilting, quintain, thrown spear, rings, Saracen heads with sword. The Texas State Joust Champion title will be awarded at 6:00 on Sunday June 7.

Other events will include an Archery and a Knife and Axe throw contest open to the public.

Also offered will be a sword play competition for seasoned veterans of the sword.

Great Four Winds shows round out the weekend with Belly Dancing from the mysterious Dream Harem,  the magic of pirate Captain Tom Bedlam,  spiritual comedy from  the nuns of Breaking the Habit,  Shakespearean Hi jinx with Willy's Wenches, Harp music from Para Celt, and sing along with Captain Treville.  The Four Winds Court will be in attendance to make this a royal holiday to remember. Add fantastic shops, rides and games and you have fun for the whole family. Four Winds is like a European vacation in the seventeenth century.

Tickets at the door will be:

                       Adults are $12.00

             children under 12 $6.00

                     under four are free

Military / Senior discount $10.00

Discount tickets are available online $8.00 just click the following link:

I hope to see you there.


Dustn Stephens

Four Winds Faire
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