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« on: June 30, 2009, 01:54:27 PM »
Hello Fellow Rennies!


I’m sure many of you all remember the great film crew who joined us for Faire last season. Lauren, Todd and Meghan have been working really hard to tell not just a story about Faire, but our story – something that really needs to happen, especially after that Penn and Teller piece….

 Our filmmakers want to follow us for an entire season of Faire, and see just what it is that makes us a family, and what makes Faire so important to us that we spend all year looking forward to these 9 weekends. Giving them access to shoot is the only way they can tell this story – OUR story!


I want this film made because I want our story told, and I know you guys do too. We want people to understand what makes faire so special, and we sure as hell want them to know that the bovine poopie Penn and Teller put out isn’t at all what our faire or our family is about. Our filmmakers are dedicated to us, and so I think we need to be dedicated to helping them.  To do that, I am asking that you write them letters of support for their film.


Jules Smith has granted them a meeting on Thursday morning.  Sorry for the time crunch, but if you could possibly send them your letter of support by Wednesday afternoon, that would be ideal.


Lauren tells me that these are the most important points to hit in your letter:


We support this film


We believe the film is good for our community


We believe the film is good for the Faire!  **This is most important.


We did not find the filmmakers presence disruptive last year and in fact found them a pleasant addition to our experience.


Please send letters and petitions to so they can take them to their meeting on Thursday.





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Re: Documentary
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Thank you everyone that wrote emails, they will be filming the whole run of faire.


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Re: Documentary
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It is really good to know that emails and phone calls worked. They did a great job last year of not being intrusive. It was a pleasure to speak with them.
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Re: Documentary
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oh this is exciting!
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