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What age did you start faire?

Started by beeboy, May 20, 2008, 03:43:57 PM

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53  yes I was late to the party.  ;D
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Quote from: angusmacinnes on May 20, 2010, 06:33:04 PM
53  yes I was late to the party.  ;D
Hey better late than never you know.  ;D  ;)
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I don't recall the precise year (`86-`88?), but I would have been in my mid-40s, and it was TRF...a rather daunting introduction considering the size of the faire. It was while on a trip to Houston to visit family.  Made Scarby in `89, then a couple here or there in the 90s I think. Began going to Scarborough annually in 2000, and actually became a real Rennie in `03, when we wore costumes for the first time.
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Contrary to popular believe, I did not have to wait for them to create the faires so I could relive my youth....

I think I went to my first "faire" type of event when I was 17 and I have been hooked ever since....

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I went to my first faire when I was in college.  I think I was 19 or 20 and my boyfriend (now hubby) brought me to MNRF.
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Back in the early 80s I went, ungarbed, with a friend to a large faire within an hour of Chicago –don't remember where or name faire.  We were in our mid-30s at the time.

In mid-90s, as a tag-along with younger family members, I visited a small faire about an hour from San Antonio TX, again ungarbed.   The next few years my daughter began to go regularly.

My first real Faire experience was TRF, 1997, age 51, garbed, at my daughter's wedding, with wedding party and most family/friends garbed (even a couple stick-in-the-mud types).  WHOOP! BANG! ZING!  HOOKED!  Been attending with family since, but not as often as I'd like.  Retired now – hoping to visit Sherwood a lot more next year since I don't have pesky work to interfere with fun.

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19, in 2002 to the Carolina Renaissance Festival.
I'd always wanted to go to a convention-type place, but living in a bit of a hick town that wasn't possible and there was NO way on earth my family would have driven me or allowed me to drive that far for a one day event.

I wore what I considered garb-ish clothing. Clothing that clearly isn't garb, but is passable. Think of it as pieces you can wear to a faire and look like you're in character, but you can still wear out in public if you switch things up a bit.
I remember I also forgot my camera in the car.  ::)

Since then I've been alternating between costumes. I have a Halloween crushed velvet robe that I wear when the weather isn't that cool or I'm just feeling lazy. One year I did a totally historically inaccurate gypsy look. I also have a more accurate dress for when I feel like gussying up. My Gran made it from a pattern when I was in 10th grade and doing a project on Anne Boleyn. I wanted it to be plain navy blue (or black), but my gran wouldn't listen to me. The lady on the cover of the pattern had a colorful pattern on her dress so mine WILL too. So instead of a plain dark dress I have this BRIGHT red, gold, blue and green number with shiny blue headpiece that I frequently wear.

I can't remember when I started going in garb since the first year I left the camera in the car, and the next year I didn't feel like carrying the flash and so all my pics came out horrendous. Also we've skipped some years.


I started my freshman year of high school lol....I turned legal in every way at faire lol
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Started my freshman year of high school as well!  After years of begging the 'rents to go to fair.  Have been addicted ever since.   :D


started in '04 when i was 18 to sterling
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At the tender age of 5! in 1989. My aunt was the Queen out at CRF and drug me along with her (not every weekend of course) but did that until I was 12, then she went away to New Zeland for college internships, so from 12-18 I was a patron, then the summer after I turned 18 I was back at it again. I am 26 now and last year was my kids first year doing faire with me full time. They are 5 and 6 and are in LOVE with it as much as I have been :D
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im 24 and this years first annual faire for my city is going to my first one .. not mention im running the faire with my commitee and... im the Queen .. thats a scary thought ...but have to start somewhere
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  1985.  in garb 1999. 
  Seriously in garb 2004, at the now defunct Renaissance Faire of the Midlands.
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My husband has been attending TRF since he was about 6 or 7 and I started back in 2004.
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My mother took me to the Colorado Renaissance Festival with the rest of our family the summer of '94 -- shortly before my first birthday.

I've been every year since. Started out as a family tradition, then all my cousins started working there, so they made me come visit them. By the time I was in highschool, I was addicted.