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[CANCELED] DragonFen Masquerade Ball 2009

Started by Platt, August 17, 2009, 10:54:24 AM

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The Kingdom of DragonFen Presents:

The 5th Annual Masquerade Ball


Date: September 19th 2009
Tournament Location: Squires Park, Arvada
Banquet Location: El Jebel Masonic Temple, Grand Ballroom
4625 W. 50th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80212

Time of Tournaments: TBA - 3:00pm
Time of Banquet: 4:00pm - 11:00pm
Adults: $10
Children (ages 4-12) $5
Under 4 is free
Feasting Price:  TBA  (Food by the Colorado Rogues Cooking Guild)

Greetings to all.   This year, the Annual DragonFen Masquerade Ball falls on "Talk Like a Pirate Day".  In Honor of this, His Majesty, Skargon Arcane, has declared that the theme for this years Masquerade shall be... PIRATES.

Come join the Kingdom of DragonFen for a day of Tournaments and Games, and a night of music and feasting.

Tournaments shall be held at Squires Park.  Certain Tournaments shall be open to all who attend (with signed waiver).    Games and Contests shall be held throughout the day.

Contests shall include:
Costume Contests
Table Decorating
"Walk the Plank"
Treasure Hunting


As this is a Masquerade Ball, all participants are required to wear a mask or face paint. (Some masks will be available at the door for guests)

This will be an family friendly event. Children are welcome, but a babysitter will not be on-site, so please moniter your own children.

For those of you who haven't been to our Masquerade, there is a "dress-code". This is a formal Kingdom event, this means that if you have medieval or renaissance clothing to please wear it. If you do not have medieval or renaissance clothing, please dress formally. If you feel that your medieval or renaissance clothing is not appropriate, you can just dress formally.

As this Masquerade is themed "Pirates", please feel free to dress in your best (or worst) pirate costume.
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Bouncy Bouncy *Thump*  OW!  Platt's Nose!

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Duckies... and games.... and piratey food
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bump for the update, as it didnt show as "NEW"

Radu the Gypsy


Currently Canceled.

May be re-scheduled depending on how things go, including how much interest there is in re-scheduling it.

(We got hit by Mundane, though it is all good mundane.)  YAY HOUSE!!!!

If it is re-scheduled it will also be moved to another location.
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