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Robin Hood show schedule
« on: August 18, 2009, 11:06:59 AM »
As many have been asking, here is the show synopsis, times, and locations for The Adventures of Robin Hood

Act I The Return of Robin
Front gate holding area - 12 Noon
The Sheriff's guards come upon Will Scarlett who they accuse of killing a deer, a capital offense, battle ensues as they subdue her. Just as she is about to lose her head, Robert, Earl of Huntingdon returns from the war, and rescues her after defeating the guards. The plight of the people is told to Robert, who dons the name Robin Hood, and swears to fight for their freedom. Robin and Will escape into the woods, as the Sherriff returns. Hilarity ensues as the guards try to cover up their failure. See the beginning of the Adventures of Robin Hood at 12 Noon in the front gate holding area.

Act II Robin Hood Meets the Merry Men
In front of the Children's Dell - 1 PM
Will Scarlett brings Robin to meet the "Merry Band of Outlaws" where he is introduced to the people that will become his Merry Band of Outlaws. Robin is reunited with his lady love Maid Marion, who tells him more of the injustice done to the people. When Little John enters, and believes Robin might be a spy, a fight with quarter staffs ensues as Robin attempts to convince Little John he is on20their side, and should lead them against the villainous Prince John. Watch this historic confrontation in front of the Children's Dell at 1 PM.

Act III A Trap for Gisborne
In Front of the Castle - 2 PM
The "Merry Band of Outlaws" set a trap to capture Sir Guy of Gisborne. Their plan works until the Sheriff shows up to free Gisborne. Will the Merry Band be able to defeat the unstoppable Sheriff of Nottingham? Watch as the battle unfolds in front of the Castle at 2 PM.

Act IV The Beheading of Little John and Molly Cutpurse
On the Field of Honor - 2:30 PM
Little John and Molly Cutpurse are paraded in front of the crowd to entice Robin to show himself. When he does not, the execution of Little John begins, and it looks like all is lost. Will Robin be able to save his friends from the headsman's axe? Come to the Field of Honor at 2:30 and find out!

Act V Robin Hood Academy of Swordsmanship
On the Field of Honor - 3:45 PM
25 children are selected from the audience, and trained as Robin's new "Merry Band". All goes well until the Sheriff arrives, and challenges each and every one. Each child, outfitted with a Robin Hood hat, and a foam sword, gets to test their skill against the Sheriff, providing a great photo opportunity for all of the parents.

Act VI Human Combat Chess match
On the Field of Honor - 4:30 PM
The conflicts of the day prove out in the final show, with swordfights, a melee, and a final battle between Robin and the forces of evil. Come and cheer for Robin as he fights for the fate of all England! Will the Evil Prince John win the day and seize the throne, or will Robin and his Valiant Merry Band of Outlaws be able to stop him? Join us on the Field of Honor at 4:30 and find out!

Float Scenes
Always attempting to push the envelope of Renaissance Festival entertainment, the Knights of Iron introduce a new concept consisting of two scripted scenes that are not scheduled for a particular time or location. This allows Robin and his Merry Band to use them when the timing is right with the crowd, giving a more "organic" feel to the show, and making it more spontaneous. Keep a sharp eye out for these scenes or you may miss part of the show!

The Wedding Night
Maid Marion talks to Friar Tuck about what Robin will want on his wedding night. In a classic "blind leading the blind" comedy sketch, neither is quite sure what they are talking about, and the result is hilarious.

No Wilting Violet
Not content to be left behind, Marion tells Robin of the hardships she has faced since he has been gone. Robin begins to see Marion in a different light, and values their relationship even more.

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Re: Robin Hood show schedule
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Just an FYI:  Act II is NOT on the broadsheet.  It occurs at the end of the food booths in the 100 rea, by the enterance to the Children's Dell.

Here Robin Meets the Merry Band of Outlaws, and has the famous quarterstaff fight with Little John.  All at 1 PM.



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