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The Brigands looking for new CD girl for 2010
« on: October 30, 2009, 07:19:07 AM »
The Brigands are looking for a new CD girl ( we call her our Purser) for 2010.  We travel up and down the East coast from Maine to Virginia, and approximately 16 -20 weekends in the course of the year.  You should be:

1) able to take Fri as a travel day , with occasional Mondays

2) Be located near Long Island NY, since we usualy travel as a group in our Van, The HMS Hellion.

3) Meals and hotels are covered

4) Have appropriate pirate garb

5) Be personable and able to friendly sell CDs during and after our performances

 Pay is a commision on each CD sold, with a bonus if over 100 are sold that day.  Typically a good Purser will make 75-120 per day of faire. 

 Please send IM or visit our website if interested

 The Pursers position has a 1 year term of service
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