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Title: Notice: I'm a Slacker!
Post by: Magister on March 08, 2010, 12:25:36 PM

  This is just a quick heads-up notice to everyone who has submitted much needed faire updates recently.  Due to some personal issues (health, travelling, not the fun kind) I have fallen woefully behind on updating the database.  This is something I will be beginning to rectify.  I'll be beginning the process shortly, and will continue after another brief hiatus.

  I have one more trip I need to make to Mississippi (Moving my mum and grandmother to be closer to my sister) this week and the first part of next so I will complete whatever I don't get done beforehand then.

  Thank you to everyone who has sent in updates, and I do apologise for falling so far behind.

    - Mag
Title: Re: Notice: I'm a Slacker!
Post by: Butch on March 08, 2010, 09:05:13 PM

Ha!  Take the time you need, my friend.  We all have a life outside of cyberspace.  Take care of that, and get to this as you are able.

Thank-you for the SITREP.