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max and kate:
Ok. After checking the site the pub built in Ireland and reassemble here is in Novi, hmm maybe we should check the pub out a kind of scouting report. Who's game for a few drinks?

Why don't we plan for the Hall rd location.

That way anyone else who might be interested in joining the Clan Sutcliff can come out to find out more about us! 

Happy Hour Mon-Thur 3pm to 7pm (this sounds like good time) 8)

Lairde Guardn:
Information on the Clan M'Crack can be found on this thread in the Squires Tavern....


max and kate:
We scouted the pub in Novi, had a bite and brew and enjoyed the place and its atmosphere. Wiil give it a thumbs up.

Aye two thumbs from us as well!


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