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Sheriff Sale of NCRF Property?

Started by FFoNCRF, February 16, 2011, 05:40:20 PM

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Ice Mage

I Heard this through another site as well.  The web site shows the faire still being a go.  I have sent a message to the General Manager Donna, to get a clear picture on their status.  As soon as she responds, I will let everyone know.
You don't have to be a great man.  Just be a man, and let history make it's judgements.

Ice Mage

So I have recieved a response to my E-Mail, and here is what Donna had to say.

"Hey Michael:

Thank you for your kind inquiry.  We did have a very rocky season in 2010 and we are still dealing with it, but, I am pleased to announce that we having our spring Faire and have some great things planned.   Our second weekend will be our regular Tartan Day Celebration with Highland Games featured.

We are trying to put ourselves in a much better position for the future.   Along those lines, we have moved to Knightdale, a suburb community of Raleigh in Wake County.

We need to have good attendance so let's nip these rumors in the bud.    :)

Donna Varner-Sheaves
President & Executive Director
The North Carolina Renaissance Faire & The Historical Enrichment Society "

You don't have to be a great man.  Just be a man, and let history make it's judgements.


That's a nice reply, but is the sheriff sale happening. If so how can the fair possibly open with everything in the warehouse being sold. I smell a problem again.

Ice Mage

I can only Imagine that it is the materials left over at their old location.  Which may or may not hurt them in the Knightdale Location.  I suppose only time will tell for certain.
You don't have to be a great man.  Just be a man, and let history make it's judgements.


I'll check back here as the dates get closer, would hate to show up if its been canceled.


My understanding is that this is based on a judgement to the real estate company of the office. That the rent was not paid for 6 months when the judgement was set (Nov 2010). What is going on. Will the fair still be held or not. Does anyone have any info? We planned on comming from out of state as we have for a number of years but i would hate to get there only to find that it is cancelled.


Renaissance Faire negotiating a deal on back rent

KNIGHTDALE - The N.C. Renaissance Faire is negotiating with its landlord Jackson & Dowd Enterprises over a $22,100 debt in past rent for its office on Powell Drive in Raleigh, but executive director Donna Varner-Sheaves says it will not affect the faire scheduled for next month in Knightdale.
The Wake County Superior Court issued a judgment Jan. 16 against the N.C. Renaissance Faire for $22,100 and $3,315 in attorney's fees after no one from the faire showed up in court on the complaint by Jackson & Dowd . The contents of the office, some props, costumes, furniture and office equipment, are scheduled to be sold at public auction on March 8 at 10 a.m. unless the two sides reach an agreement.

"We're hoping this issue will get resolved prior to that," said Jesse Sorrell, the owner of Rhyne Management Associates of Raleigh, which manages the property for Jackson & Dowd. "They are attempting to put together a proposal."

Varner-Sheaves said Jackson & Dowd is working with her.

"We're working as much as we can with the landlord," she said. "He's trying to work with us too. So we feel good about it."

Varner-Sheaves said the faire doesn't store its costumes at the office and that few costumes and props are there. She said the faire will go on in Knightdale even if the auction is held and goods sold.

"We've got everything planned," she said. "We're bringing in Moonie, the Magnificent. He's a very well known act on the Renfaire circuit and this is his only east coast appearance. We're very excited he's going to come and do our event."

Varner-Sheaves said Moonie's variety act will bring in people who follow Renaissance faires from other states. The Knightdale faire is scheduled for the first three weekends in April. She said 15 to 20 groups of performers and 200 volunteers are scheduled to be a part of it.

Varner-Sheaves said she had started paying actors who told The Eastern Wake News that they were not paid for their work at past faires.

"I'm working down the list and sending everybody payments," she said. "Unfortunately when stories like this come out, it damages us and inhibits our ability to pay. But nothing is going to inhibit the Knightdale faire." or 829-4826
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Here alot of good news - the big huge act that will help ncrf and draw crowds "moonie" will be there for the first weekend - they have a nice size sign posted saying that ncrf is coming in april on poole road (which gets a good steady stream of traffic) - i have personally been to the property and taken pictures - the site is huge and is covered in about 2 to 3 ft of brush - i'm going to assume that the actual land underneath is level and that it will be cleared some time soon - my honest opinion is that it's a great site and i hope that the 3 active homeowners are supportive - you can google map the address 7633 Poole Road Knightdale, NC 27545 - you'll see about 4 sections of where houses are plotted and the dirt roads that would be paved - this is all covered in 2 to 3 ft of brush - they have the end of the paved roads blocked off - if your local to the area go check it out and post what you think
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Welcome to The North Carolina Renaissance Faire!

Thank you for volunteering!

The Dates for the Faire are April 2 & 3, 9 & 10 and 16 & 17
10 AM - 6 PM

The Renaissance Rally, an event for students & educators, is scheduled for
Monday, April 11
10 AM - 2 PM

As many of you know, It has been a very challenging year for NCRF this season.

I am pleased to announce that Jen Burr will be taking over as General Manager and will be directing the Faire in April.

Jen has worked closely with me for several years and I have great confidence in her.   Of course, I will make sure it is a seamless transition and everything is in place for a successful season.

Keep a lookout in your email boxes for messages from her about organizing volunteers and meetings.   

The North Carolina Renaissance Faire has the best volunteers!

-Donna Varner-Sheaves
Lairde Wash M'crack
aka Justin Driscoll
Chiefton Clan O'Doinn


Published: Mar 16, 2011 02:00 AM
Renaissance Faire sees office contents go on auction block
RALEIGH - An auction house auctioned off the contents of the Raleigh office of the N.C. Renaissance Faire last Tuesday as the owner of the rental property took action to recover a $22,100 court judgment against the group which produces historically accurate dramas during weekend long fairs.
The $22,100 judgment including $3,315 in attorney's fees was issued against the N.C. Renaissance Faire on Jan. 16 in Wake County District Court for past rent due.

Millner's Auction Services of Raleigh auctioned off the property, said Rhyne Management Associate owner Jesse Sorrell. Sorrell manages the office property at 200-119 Powell Drive, Raleigh, for Jackson & Dowd Enterprises, the owner, also of Raleigh.

"We auctioned off everything in the unit," said Sorrell. "There was a whole variety of stuff. Lots of furniture, lots of lumber, some costumes, painted canvas sheets, flags banners. Everything was sold. We started about 10 a.m. and were done by 3 p.m."

Sorrell declined to say how much money was made at the auction. He said about 35 people bid on the property including a theatrical group from Virginia and another from Rocky Mount.

"We followed all the legal instructions. It went fine," Sorrell said. "The objective was to vacate the stuff out of there and we did so that we can re-lease the space."

N.C. Renaissance Faire executive director Donna Varner-Sheaves says the auction and judgment will not stop the faire from being held in Knightdale the first three weekends in April.

"It has changed nothing for us," said Varner-Sheaves. "I've got the faire lined up and the faire is happening. We're set to go." or 829-4826

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