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School of the Musketeer, 2011, South

Started by mross7, August 23, 2011, 07:12:12 AM

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There will be a "School of the Musketeer" by the reenacting group, the Kingdom of Lucerne, covering 1580 through 1650, held at Henricus, VA, just south of Richmond VA Oct 7-9, 2011 at Henricus Historical Park. 
Students will learn to fire a matchlock, crew and fire a cannon, handle a pike, and swing a sword, with blunts, of course.
Ok, this last one may be "teaching ones grandmother to suck eggs" type thing, but the rest is unusual.

Civilian classes are to be announced, but have included in the past period games, medicine, and writings.
Period food is provided, $30 for pre-registration for the weekend, including meals..

Please note that the Kingdom of Lucerne that runs the school hasn't had time to update their site.
They're aware of it, just their one web person has been way too busy,but they have assured me the School is on! To register, just use the 2010 form and change the dates before you mail it, same recipient.

For more details (and there are lots of them) and registration information see

Registration must be received around Oct. 1, 2011 (when I get a fixed date for that I'll post it) in order to participate in the food plan.

They also run another school every April at Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia Pa.


Lady Kett

That sounds fun! I wish we lived closer than Texas! If anyone from here goes, I'd LOVE to hear about it!


What would you like to know?   ;D  I'm going this year, and have gone many times, north (Ft. Mifflin PA) and south (Henricus Citie, VA) session, and I usually help out with the military; muskets, pikes, and artillery, much like a "teachers-aide", and given talks/class on period fortification.  The also do period fencing, cooking, clothing, woodworking, lighting, games, various handicrafts, etc.  The site in Henricus is perhaps not quite as striking as Jamestown fort, but less crowded, and their period hospital building (first hospital in the North America British colonies) is much larger than anything in Jamestown, correct thatch roof and all.  The site is growing, so I think they may have added one or two buildings since I was there last year.  The food is as period modern stomachs can stand it, it's good, and plenty of it.  Sleeping arrangements on site are your own sleeping bags on the floor sort.  Two years ago we were allowed to stay in the period hospital,  but you can stay in modern conference room(s).  Yeah, it's all dormitory style.  Plenty of hotels just within 5 miles.


Oh yeah, modern public restroom facilities.