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Opening day, anyone?

Started by iain robb, January 30, 2012, 02:20:47 PM

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iain robb

Anyone planning on being at opening day in Deerfield Beach? My wife and I are planning to attend. It'll be weekend two of our HMF, FLARF and BARF three-weekend extravaganza ... last weekend of Hoggetown, opening weeking at Deerfield Beach, and opening weekend at Bay Area.


we haven't decided if we will be there or not this year.
Finances are really really tight and honestly if I have the choice I rather go to BARF, even though I pass FLARF every day on my way to work.
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iain robb

I quite understand. I prefer BARF myself, and we're cutting our FLARF visit back to one day this year. (Usually we go for the weekend.) I think they're pretty evenly matched, so although FLARF has better stage acts (just my opinion), BARF is where I know people and it's closer. So we'll be at BARF at least two Saturdays, perhaps three.


I much prefer BARF because of the overall setting, the people, and it just feels more like a ren faire should.

I am really hating all the lack of attention to detail that bobby rodriguez inflicts on FLARF.
I know its all about making bank, but they could at least pretend they care by- I don't know maybe disguizing the port a potties, or not putting the joust next to a chain link fence where you can see the parking lot.

Just my two cents.
Plus the main draw to FLARF was going to see Albannach, and they have now changed 3 people in the group so its not really them anymore.
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Toua Taru

The boyfriend and I will be there opening week on Saturday. He won't be in garb but I was able to lure him to faire with the hopes of turkey legs and beer.  :D

Is BARF over in the Tampa area? I've heard good things but never been. I may have to venture over one of these seasons.
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iain robb

Yes, BARF is in Tampa. Bay Area Renaissance Festival.

Lady DArbanville

Iain, was good to see you at Hoggetowne! This year I will not be going to FLARF. Even though my father lives in Boca, which is only minutes from there, I will not be returning. I did not like the atmosphere at all. But that's my opinion. I shall be at BARF opening weekend and will be good to see you and your wife again. Teague the Red is planning a big tailgate party...of course. You can expect one almost everyday of Faire, except Sundays are not as big, everyone is dragging in on Sunday!   :)

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iain robb

Well, we're here, all alone, in the rain ( whimper whimper gripe gripe). Just kidding ... We'll have fun and see folks we know at BARF next week.

iain robb

Just to follow up ...

It didn't rain but stayed pleasant and cloudy all day. Caught Iris and Rose (twice), Iron Hill Vagabonds, and Musical MacBeth (hilarious -- even better than it was two years ago). Did some shopping, ate some food, chatted with a few vendors we know. I think Musical MacBeth alone is worth the trip.

All in all, a good day, and left us looking forward to BARF this coming weekend.