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SO i was bored at work tonight....

Started by SQiRL, May 09, 2012, 05:26:43 AM

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And so i wrote this.

I wish I may, I wish I might,
I Dream of walking faire tonight.
To wander thru and breathe fresh air,
And forget myself without a care.

Cast back in time before my birth,
To distant lands on this humble earth.
I must break free and escape my bane,
Must travel now and shed the mundane.

Arrive I have and with such regard,
A pleasure that the journey not hard.
Time moved forward and I am here at last,
Yet somehow I have returned to the past.

I cast gaze upon that Magical Gate.
So eager now that I can hardly wait.
To come so far that my dream nearly true,
Open up, open up so that I may rush thru.

Im not alone in my wonderous plight,
Others have come and it is such a sight.
to share dreams with so many others,
I feel I am home with sisters and brothers.

We smile and we dance and we celebrate,
Yet we all await on that damned magical gate.
There is but one thing left before happiness found,
The time must be true and the Cannon must sound.

The cannon explodes at this establishment,
And we begin to rush thru and seek merriment.
We all proceed forth and enter this land,
The setting is vast but so rich and so grand.

Which direction to head ive honestly no clue,
I stumble in thought and prepare what to do.
Decided i have as i now straddle this shrub,
I must proceed forth and head straight for the pub.

Raised Mug full of ale while having a ball,
I drink up and then I hear someone else call.
More friends approach from out of the blue,
I say with a grin "I am happy to see you".

We laugh and cheer and engage in banter,
We drink some more and I fall in a planter.
Laughs can be heard from all far and near,
I simply get up and smile ear to ear. 

I Set forth from the pub, a place i cant stay,
To venture out and experience the day.
From shop to shop to see all i can see,
I know here and now that I am happy and free.

The day moves on to my disdain,
The end is near my parade it doth rain.
I knew before that this day wouldn't last,
I must once again return from the past.

And so it is this day is now done,
I loved this day and damn it was fun.
I dare not dispair for I shall do this again,
I head back home with only a question of when.


I am not, nor have i ever considered myself a poet.  I also dont  subscribe to grammer or slepping.   or proper punctuation for that matter.

Hope you like it.