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Musings on the 2012 Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
« on: September 30, 2012, 09:23:00 PM »
so made my second trip to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival today, this was two straight Sundays for us. 2011 was our first year ever, and it's 1,000 miles closer to me than the faire I travel to annually in Kansas City.

Anywho - rainy and muddy, then was clear beautiful and muddy today. But my thoughts on the faire this season overall.

The grounds. They just continue to do more and more to the grounds. The expansion they did this year pushing the pub area back even more is awesome. Should allow them to bring in more vendors in 2013 and beyond, as well as more performing areas. I really like moving the carrillon to it's own personal area. That was a good move. Less obtrusive to rest of faire. But the expansion they did just really opens that area up more and more. It's really awesome. I hope they expand on that area even more and make the pub stage into more of stage with actual seating. The picinic tables to me are weird there. But the shire looked perfect. Very well landscaped, very well manicured, and they are really taking care of the facilities so much better.

New Acts - The Duelists and then the Naughty Babes were two amazing additions in 2012. I missed the German Rap Brothers, they were too funny. But I really dug the Duelists. One of perhaps the best audience participation shows I've seen at a renfest. They are so damned funny. They almost bring a tear to your eye they're so funny. Amazing. Hope they return in 2013, I really do. Anyways - they really do engage the crowd by encouraging you to heckle. Then the Naughty Babes, every faire has something like them, but they are funny as heck. Great stuff.

Old Acts - Plunder Dog. Always funny. They work better with a full crowd, but who doesn't. Did the hypnotist this season, he's good. Fun act.

Shopping Food - Not much really different there. I really wish they would have done something with the themed weekends, this was Oktoberfest, and not really any Oktoberfest theming anywhere I saw. Didn't see German food and beers. But it's cool. Most festivals phone it in on the theming, not just pgh.

For those of you who don't want to go anymore because it's "not like it used to be" ---it's your loss. It's a great time. The grounds and facilities look better than they have since it opened, and it's really an improved faire. I wish they'd expand the schedule now, 6 weeks is too short. Go for 7 or 8.

Great season guys. Will miss you.

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Re: Musings on the 2012 Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2012, 08:07:20 AM »
kcdcchef, thank you for the musings.  I mostly agree with you, especially about themed weekends.  Why have a theme if it's not followed throughout the festival? 

I went all six saturdays and with it all over now, another week or 2 would be nice but completely exhausting too! 

I think general attendance was up this season as opposed to the last few.  The parking lot was mostly full and there were lines for food, beer and privy.

I like the expanded area of festival.  I'm equally happy Cast in Bronze was moved to this area.  His show is entertaining, but would drown out the Pirate Stage shows.

I'm very much looking forward to the 2013 season...



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