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A place to light your candle

Started by LadyOren, May 09, 2008, 05:26:45 PM

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*lights a candle for luck*  My, how I need it right now.

*then lights a candle for faith*  I need to learn how to let go and trust...

Lady Renee Buchanan

**walks in quietly and kneels down and says a prayer and lights a candle for Molden and his family on the loss of his mother**
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Lady Nicolette

Walks in and lights a deep blue candle for Lady Glorianna, that she may find strength in this very difficult time.
"Into every rain a little life must fall." ~ Tom Rapp~Pearls Before Swine


*lighting a candle for safety of those near or in the path of the hurricanes*

*lighting another one for those who need healing*
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Amras Elfwine

A candle for Lady and forest-scented...and humble prayers to the forest spirits...soothing breezes for her and her family...

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"They say that men who go warring afield look ever to the next hope of food and of drink." ~Tolkien

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*lights a candle for GC's daddy* for healing and hope for the family

*lights a candle for her own Daddy* for answers that we desperately need

Amras Elfwine

*Lights a candle for his friend appljx...a glittery one, to light the way*
R/F member since 2004
"They say that men who go warring afield look ever to the next hope of food and of drink." ~Tolkien

"Who are you callin' plushy??" ~ Todd the Squirrel


With head bowed in respect to those who are present, and those who have gone before, a new candle is lit in thanks of my brothers first child being healthy, a candle lit in remembrance of family no longer here to rejoice at the birth,  a candle is lit for courage, strength and honor for the friends who serve in the military protecting our homes,  and one last candle is lit for serenity for those who are restless or troubled.


*wanders in feeling hurt and rejected and sits down before the altar* *lights a black candle for banishing the negative feelings from her soul and heart and lights a white candle to bring in the positive feelings she once had before* I light this candle to ease the suffering of losing a chance at a relationship with someone I genuinely liked and hope that the positive feelings will return to my despairing single soul.

I know it sounds dramatic but its how I feel.
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Charity Morgan

For Sir Wulf, King Charming ~ The Honorable Lord Ulfr hinn svarti Juzki:
On the day of my husbands cremation my mind turns to a passage from "The 13th Warrior".    "Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my Mother, and Sisters, and Brothers. Lo, there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them. In the halls of Valhalla, where the brave they live forever!"  Goodbye for now, my love.
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*lites large red candle for healing*

I have heard it said ... "It is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all."

Times like these can test that saying ... God speed Dirk ... you will be forever missed lad. I know the angels are drinking mead today ... you'll see to it!
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I stand before the church and shake my fist to the sky. Sometimes the gods servants just need to rebel a little before the gods send them on a new path.


Stepping carefully through the doorway, the friar pauses and removes his cowl as his eyes slowly adjust to the candle light within.

Takng the bag from his shoulder, knees creaking in protest, he finds an empty spot to sit in the far corner. The quiet is deafening but exactly what he was seeking. Sitting back against the wall his breath slows, the mind settles and then he hears it, his father's voice.

There are times when the world gets so loud the things that matter just get drowned out. There are times when being a father is so complicated and the one voice of experience you need, the one you could always trust, can't always be heard.

In the quiet of this chapel, in the light of the thoughts and prayers of friends, a tear is shed and the son knows he is never alone.
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Lady Oren sweeps away the leaves that have blown in during her absence.  She tends to the empty votives and replaces them with new candles.  Places a clean white linen on the alter, and bows in respect.  Lighting the incense she makes soft hand jestures to move the scent thru the room, it seems almost like a dance or an incantation.  Then lighting a single candle she moves to the last pew to meditate on the events of late.  Bowing her head she becomes silent, melting into the essence of positive healing energy that comes from this safe haven.   Peace.
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*landing softly before the chapel, she furls her wings and quietly slips through the doorway - reaching within her bag, she pulls forth the double wicked spiral candle in silver and indigo, brings forth a spark as only she can, and places it in the burl wood candlestick, staring in to the flame for a moment before she closes her eyes*

PTB, you know my anguish and my desire. Stay this trouble from our lives, bring peace and understanding to all parties involved without throwing our entire fairemily in to turmoil. For all involved, myself included, my only wish is what we desire and deserve.
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