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Irish Ghillies in Ohio?

Started by Raelyn Fey, March 11, 2013, 08:26:14 PM

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Raelyn Fey

Hello, I'm new to Renaissance fairs. I attended my first one last year, and I wanted more options for footwear to go with my new costume ideas. It was suggested I try Ghillies, but other than going to a fair, I wasn't sure where to get them. I'm attending the Ohio Renaissance Fair for the Pirate and the Highland Saturdays this year, but I need the shoes before then if possible. Are there any places in Ohio (around the Columbus preferably) that sells them?

Thank you!

Rowan MacD

 Unless you have a store that specializes in dance shoes, and I don't think you want those anyway, your best bet will be online.
   Basic sorta-ghillie type shoes with hard soles can be had relatively cheaply on some of the discount garb sites: 
  What kind of ghillies are you looking for?  Moccasin style?  If so, try Medieval Moccasins:
  Prices range according to how far up your calf you want them, but be prepared to pay a bit more.   It might be more than a casual fairegoer or newbie wants to pay, but they look nice and feel fabulous.
   If your outfit is basic faire, and non specific (Celtic, peasant, merchant, etc.)  perhaps a cheap pair of the Chinese canvas shoes (very comfortable) for about $10 on Amazon, or some like this:  would be a good place to start.   They go with just about anything. 
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Raelyn Fey

Thanks for the links. I'll take a look =)


Have you checked with the alley off sawmill road and 161.  My wife found some ghillies in there for a very good price.

Bob of the Lake

Renboots also sells ghillies. I don't own a pair of their ghillies but have gotten several years of good wear out of their concho shoes so I can vouch for their quality.
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Raelyn Fey

I checked out the Alley and they don't have much currently for Ren Fair things. I did get fitted for a corset, so that was an adventure!