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For my sister

Started by jackrocks, May 09, 2013, 12:46:16 PM

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My 48 year old sister has lung cancer. The tumor appears to be between two ribs, and has spread to her spine. It is inoperable.

She is also having heart complications, and her potassium levels have tanked out (worsening the heart issues).

This year already, my sister has lost her home (boyfriend kicked her out), her job, and her grandbaby died in March.

She is so run down from's hard for her to have any strength to fight. She is so weakened by pain and stress.

If you are of the mind to pray for my sister Charlotte, it would be so much appreciated.

I love her so much and it is absolutely killing me to see her hurting and not be able to fix this for her.

Bob of the Lake

I'm so sorry, Jackrocks. I'll keep Charlotte and you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Rowan MacD

  Prayers and comfort for you both.   Sending you strength to support her through this.
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lady serena

Sending prayers to you both.
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Your sister and your entire family are in my prayers.
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Duchess Marguerite

Your dear sister Charlotte & you are in my prayers!


Just to let you guys know....
We brought  my sister home on Hospice mid July, and she passed away on July 27th, at the age of 49, with her family and dogs all around her.

It sucked. And it still does.

Merlin the Elder

So very sorry, Jackrocks.
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Peace to you and your family, Jackrocks.

Rowan MacD

  Peace and healing energy to you and your family Jackrocks. 
   Remember her with love, and the pain will fade.

What doesn't kill me-had better run.
IWG wench #3139 
19.7% FaireFolk pure-80.3% FaireFolk corrupt