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MDRF 2013
« on: September 01, 2013, 09:54:14 PM »
Hey all! Just starting a topic to discuss the new season.  Attended opening day and was able to follow most of the royal progress (which is a first for us, with children).  So wonderful, so much fun.  Especially enjoyed Henry VIII in The Court's Court and the galloping horse in the skit at the gatehouse stage.  So sad that we missed Fred N.'s 50th birthday on Saturday- sure there were plenty of interesting things that happened to him during that day...

Missed the jousts and O and Lala's Happenstance but WOW, the wheel of death- how cool, and one of the truly death-defying acts I've seen at MDRF (if you don't count the jousts).

Unusual and wonderful to see grass in the lanes, briefly. Nice interacting with some new cast characters (hello Mustardseed!).  Enjoyed Molly Dangles new act but missed her shows in the lanes.

Noted that prices later in the season will jump to $22.  Not making enough money, MDRF?

Saw a great demo at Hengrave- mixing fig/date/raisin baked goods- but fires were not fueled so no cooking.  In fact, seemed that a lot of things were still not entirely worked out- privies got gross quick and hand sanitizer ran out at a few locations, staff at several food booths were still astonished to see playtrons.

But hey, I just freakin' love the faire.  Give me one day that's garb-only and hand out $2 discount tokens to people in exceptional garb and I will happily hand over my soul.

Born too late.  But not too late for faires.

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Re: MDRF 2013
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2013, 08:50:28 AM »
The Wheel of Death is a fantastic addition, and having the new old Rogues back is excellent as well!


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