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friday night....anyone coming?

Started by humphrey, October 17, 2013, 10:32:32 AM

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title says it all.......a little food, a lot of beer.....apples to apples and jenga?



Cannot make Friday...sorry to say.

A couple questions:
In the past Tink brought a fire pit/dish. Will we be fire pitting close to the castle or be at the large circle down by the river?
Is there still electrical access by the utility pole in the parking lot?


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we have a fire pit up at the castle and there is electric

max and kate

Working Friday and it's a 5 hour drive down, wouldn't get there until wee late but we'll be there Saturday.
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Paul Blackpowder

Depending on how things go, I just might be able to make Friday night. Sounds like a good idea.

The Phoenix

I and my crew will be arriving on Saturday.. which I would like to add one more "virgin" to my 2 guests if I may. More people bringing more food and drink.. sounds like a plan! :) Love to all... <3

Sir Samuel

I believe the usual Jenga is in order. am I to be denied
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Clay has to work part of Saturday, but will be there as soon as possible.  Will happily play Jenga Sat night.