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Long Live The King... Official PaRenFaire Announcement

Started by BubbleWright, March 05, 2014, 08:16:22 PM

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King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine Arrive at Mount Hope

The peaceful Shire of Mount Hope will resonate with excitement during the 34th season of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, for there will be new royal visitors taking respite there this summer. King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon will arrive on August 2nd to enjoy the merriment of the Faire.

For over three decades, the Faire has been the retreat of Queen Elizabeth I, but now it is time to open the gates to an older era of history welcoming one of the most famous British monarchs to the throne. This season, an outpouring of "Long Live the King" will be accompanied by shouts of "God Save the Queen".

Visitors to the Faire will enter the castle gates to the year 1525, where they will find that young Henry VIII, has just signed The Treaty of the More with the French Ambassador. In this treaty, Henry VIII agreed to secure the release of King Francis I (the rightful king of France), currently being held prisoner by Charles V (The Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain). In exchange for their King's release, and restoring French lands currently under English rule, France agreed to pay Henry an incredibly large sum of money to help restore England's depleted coffers. 

Weary from the international negotiations, our beloved King and Queen arrive in Mt. Hope to take pleasure in the famed hospitality of its villagers. But alas, the French Ambassador, hearing Henry boast of the festivities in store for him, decides he too would like to participate in the festivities and appears at the Shire gates! So much for a relaxing holiday without dignitaries...Not to worry, all shall be well as long as the Spanish don't appear.
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The king did a great job!

We went on Time travelers weekend, so ended up having to follow him around for 45 minutes or so after he drafted my son (dressed as a clone trooper) as part of his personal guard. So I got to see a few of his performances as well as some improvisation bits. He did a great job of interacting with those who were either hesitant but would play along, or outright reluctant (wouldn't play along).