Author Topic: Newb Rennie wants to make boots, pair with an established, has a GoFundMe.  (Read 4937 times)

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Hey. Just gauging interest in things.
I really want to be able to provide decent boots for people in need of more historical pieces that aren't ghillie brogues or what have you, but hand-stitching is causing my fingers and wrists to go numb and ache.
This is a catch-22, since I need to make things to get the money to buy the machine to make the things. I'm looking at a Tippmann Industrial Boss, to start off with, to make this sort of thing, albeit with a better work space to cut down on the terrible wrinkling and lay of the ankle covering.
The first two types I think would go over remotely well, are more like Oseberg or Haithabu style, and eventually offering more modern pieces with a boxed toe instead of a split toe.

I'd also be more than happy to help another leatherworker out for a season or two, preferably in Texas, Colorado, and surrounding. I don't want to step on any toes, and would rather work with another established worker, to help expand the potential of helping people find exactly what they want.

Right now, I know the pics are a little lean and long of tooth, but I've been struggling to get close friends' goods out as it is. As for the risks at my GoFundMe page, as soon as the ticker hits about $2,000 USD, I'm getting the sewing machine, and then putting my own funds towards leather and incidentals. The rest is going towards tools and further materials and incidentals. I really don't want to be greedy, you know. I just desperately need a wrist-saving device so that I can actually provide things in a timely manner without cheating anybody out of anything. That's all of about...what, 12 more pairs of boots? A mess of cuffs?

Also, don't feel the need to be gentle in your rebuttals, admonitions, etc.


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