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Castleteers 19 Potluck offering list

Started by Ariyana the hugging wench, April 12, 2016, 01:52:08 PM

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Ariyana the hugging wench

For those attending the castleteers gathering this coming Saturday evening (Yes really we are only a few days away!!) Please post here what you will be bringing and I will attempt to try to compile a list.... :P

As Ol' Tinker would say
The Listn'

Lady Ariyana and Sir Charles  - Possibly some fried chicken and possibly something sweet.... this may change at the end of the week


I think I'm bringing the triple chocolate brownies as normal
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The Sire and I will be joining. We will be bringing my Cards Against Humanity for some debaucherous fun... I'm drawing a blank as far as what to bring foodwise.. any requests? Otherwise it'll be one of my usual culinary craftings.

KitFox (flutterbug) and Chance.
KitFox The Gypsy


I shall aim to bring something of a non-dessert variety
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I was tinkering with an idea of a shepard's pie casserole thing... not sure just how yet but if i make it someone will eat it. :) I cook decently well at least. Yay crash cooking!! Any suggestions just let me know.

Jay Byrd

Methayus Rengard

I have various loaves of bread (ancient oat, sourdough, french) with jams and honey