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Spearhead Kit for Spear from the movie "DRAGONSLAYER"!!!

Started by relicmaker, January 09, 2017, 07:41:17 PM

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"Sicarius Dracorum"

""Blacksmith, have you ever forged a weapon?"
(pause for effect...)
"This is 'Sicarius Dracorum'! 'Dragonslayer'!!!"

I have a few of these for sale for $150!!!

This is the Kit to build yourself a fully functional "Spear" that is exactly like the one in the Cult Classic movie "Dragonslayer"!!!

It includes everything you need, except the wood pole, but I've included a link below where you can buy the 8' x 1 1/4" pole.

Photos 4,5,6, and 7 show what the Spear will look like when completed.  (Wood Pole NOT included! Found at Home Depot!)

Kit Includes: Spearhead, Spike Attachment, End Cap, Nails, Leather Strap   

Spearhead is 28 inches long with a 20 inch blade, and is "1095 CARBON STEEL"!!!!

The Spearhead is made to fit a 8 foot by 1 1/4 inch wood dowel rod, which can be found online here:

Or at Home Depot in the 'Closet Organizer' section at Home Depot, which is an 8 foot 'Oak Closet Rod'.
Home Depot also carries the 1 1/4" in Pine in the lumber section of the store.

So, total length of the Spear when completed should be around 10 feet !

Here are the video tutorials for preparing the Wood Rod and assembling the Spear Kit!


Looks epic! That's what I was looking for. I will contact you soon.