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Fae Photos

Started by Lavender, May 11, 2008, 09:23:58 AM

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I'm using a 1/2 mask and still working on getting the make-up just the way I want it.  But I had a blast opening weekend at TRF - there were NO other 'fairy-corns' there!   LOL

Lady von Engestrom

A picture from last weekend...  My autumnal sister and I on our first visit to TRF!

Poldugarian Warrior

Like that dragon skull mask alot, too bad I wear glasses that's somethin I would even wear. All in all, good work from all of you ladies on your garb. Good to know there is a bevy of good looking fairies always frequenting fair. Looking forward to that new tinkerbell movie watched them on Disney as well, tis a guilty pleasure of mine, but the colors and imagery and stories are really entertaining. Yes, some of us warriors have a soft side. Ha. Ha.