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Fae Photos

Started by Lavender, May 11, 2008, 09:23:58 AM

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A place to post pictures pictures you've taken of Fairie Folk

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Twenty seasons of covering renaissance  festivals. Photos/calendar/blog.
Fairy photographer


We love Twig




Malice Fae, TX RF 2006

Bear and Friend, TX RF 2006

Chimp and Friend, TX RF 2006

Malice and Spite, TX RF 2006

Lith Sister of Malice, TX RF 2006

Stardust Fairy, Early 21st century TX RF

Wispy Fairy, Early 21st century TX RF

Maidens of Monarch Downs, Early 21st century TX RF

Three Fairies, TX RF 2007

Button, TX RF 2007

Echo, TX RF 2007

Cobweb, TX RF 2007

Acorn, Scarborough 2008

Professor Beatle, Scarborough 2008

Maiden of Monarch Downs, Scarborough 2008

Twig, Scarborough 2008

Friend of Acorn (Believed to go by the name Rustle), Scarborough 2008

Does Early 21st Century Kat constitute a fairy? Note the wings:

This one can be enlarged:

Mistress Charlotte

Some of my artwork

Note:  Besides the face......the necklace and the top of dress are also paint.
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"Cake or death?"
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skrid the brown

For some reason Faeries scare me....


Round Two! If anyone knows their names, that help would be appreciated.

Defender of the Faith (TRF 2007)

Titania and Harmonae (TRF 2007)

Ember (TRF 2007)

Wood Faery (TRF 21st century, maybe 90's)

Seductress (TRF 90's)

Wood Faery (TRF 21st century)

Harmonae, Peaseblossom, Echo (TRF 2007)

Ember and Titania (TRF 2007)

Malice Fae and Lith Sister of Malice (TRF 21st century)

Merchant Faery


aboslutely enchanting..thank you so much for sharing
I've always wanted to go to a Faerie outing.
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2007 Texas Renaissance Festival Faerie Court

Plus these two new additions for 2007.

There will be some new faeries for 2008, and some of the court from last year will not be faeries this year.


Thanks again for sharing...I don't use my first name but it's Ada which means Faerie in mother loved Fae's too.
Red Hat Ren Queen a.k.a Mari


<img src="">

Twig - AZRF  February 2008

Sorry still can't get the photos to show up!!!
Red Hat Ren Queen a.k.a Mari


Quote from: RedHatQueen on June 04, 2008, 09:37:21 PM
<img src="">

Twig - AZRF  February 2008

Sorry still can't get the photos to show up!!!

You need to use BB Code.  [*img] and [*/img] (minus the *), with the image link in between.  :)
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Thank you Aelwyn for your help...FaeGuardian was also most helpful.  I shall try again

Twig...Arizona R/F February 2008
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Greetings enchanted ones. Just stopping by to honor thy request.

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