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Renaissance Festival Podcast #100 – Sept 27-38 and Oct 4-5 Anniversary Beer and Wenches Special


Kristen Roger


Marc Gunn


      Music from 3 Pints Gone, Bounding Main, Crass Roots, Bruno's Boys, Celtic Stone, Marc Gunn, Mistress Bawd, Coyote Run, Axel The Sot, Diane Linn, Empty Hats, Iris and Rose, Malarky and Poppycock, Merry Measure, Clandestine, The Bilge Pumps, The Merry Wives Of Windsor, Merry Mischief, The Interpreters, Minstrosity, Circled By Hounds, NeidFyre, Pirate Comedy Show, Bedlam Bards, The Limeybirds, and CrossRogues.

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* 3 Pints Gone, "Nancy Whiskey" from One More Round

* Bounding Main, "Pass the Mug" from Going Overboard

* Crass Roots, "Come, Landlord" from The Orphaned Celtic Children's Whiskey Fund

* Bruno's Boys, "Whiskey You're the Devil" from Last Call

* Celtic Stone, "Two Magicians" from Digital Flashbacks

* Marc Gunn, "Beer, Beer, Beer" from Marc Gunn Free EP

* Mistress Bawd, "The Moose" from Give Back My Bordello

* Coyote Run, "Ripe and Bearded Barley" from Pleads the 5th

* Axel The Sot, "Nancy Be Fair" from Songs to Sing when You're Drunk

* Diane Linn, "Johnny Jump Up" from A Rogue By Any Other Name

* Empty Hats, "The Widow & The Devil" from Captured

* Iris and Rose, "Wonderous Cucumber" from Bedtime Stories

* Malarky and Poppycock, "Old Dun Cow" from A Drink to All

* Merry Measure, "I Wish They'd Do It Now" from Faire Warning

* Clandestine, "Saucy Sailor" from The Ale is Dear

* The Bilge Pumps, "All For Me Grog" from Greatest Hits Vol. VII

* The Merry Wives Of Windsor, "The Devil and The Knight" from Here's To The Men

* Merry Mischief, "The #3 Song" from Lusty Ditties

* Fugli, "AD: Crazy Leo Indulgences", Fugli from Renaissance Festival Podcast Compilation

* The Interpreters, "Thing Be" from Be Gentle

* Minstrosity, "The Night Pat Murphy Died" from Why Am I Not Surprised

* Circled By Hounds, "Madam I'm A Darlin'" from Chasing Our Tales

* NeidFyre, "What Do You Do With a Drunken Duckie" from Waddles From The Sea

* Pirate Comedy Show, "Ballad of Eileen Bachendoit" from Pirate Comedy Show Album

* Bedlam Bards, "The Ball of Ballinor" from Take out the Trash

* The Limeybirds, "Londentowne" from The Naked Album

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Music Challenge
In every podcast, we showcase the top five songs from last week's podcast. Be sure to vote for your favorite song.

The Current Champ
* CrossRogues, "Evening Mist" from Another Round

* Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading "The Faire is Over"
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These are the show notes and download for Podcast #99
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Sorry about that; I think I have it fixed, please try it again and let me know if you have any more troubles.

John B.

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OMG!!!!  I was driving and playing the podcast.  I almost ran off the road I was laughing so hard.  Some of the songs were down right blue. :o
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Cheers to Marc and Kristen for lightening my day.  I nearly wet myself at various points... and had I more than 1 beer in the fridge (sacrilege I know) I would have lost the game ;)


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