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Recommendation, please, for medieval banners

Started by jackcade, March 02, 2009, 06:48:40 PM

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can someone recommend a great place that makes family crest banners and tapestries for our upcoming wedding?  Any information is greatly appreciated.............


There are a number of people who will create the banners for you if you provide the crest.
Are you looking to have them painted, embroidered, embellished?

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If they don't have to be personalized with your family crest, and you just want colorful and nice banners, I'd recommend Underhill Pavilions.  We have some of their banners hanging in our restaurant and others in our home.  They are very nice people to work with, too.
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Indeed, we used an Underhill Pavillion banner to help people find the reception site for my wedding. 

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I made a bunch of banners for my wedding out of felt, hot glue and some fabric glitter glue. If you go here: and scroll down through the pictures you will come to pictures of the many banners that I made.
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Wow, renfairewench, that was incredible!!  I bet your wedding was gorgeous, congrats!!


loved loved loved your banners.

My beloved and I will be re-neing our vows in 2yrs @ my home faire~~absolutly loved those banners.

Huzzah and congrats.
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