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Pattern Sales

Started by FortuneRose, May 16, 2009, 11:24:36 AM

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Also this weekend (Jan 16-19) Hancock's: Vogue $4.99, Simplicity $1.99, and McCall's 5 for $5

Marietta Graziella

I've seen a couple of people mention how they "always" buy the wrong pattern set... that was me, too.  Now, since I always wait until they are on sale, I buy 2 sets!  If they are only a buck or two for each, I can afford the piece of mind of knowing I've purchased what I really need.  Also, if something happens to the 1st one, I at least have a size that's close AND all the instructions, etc.
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Baroness de Vale

Now through Monday February 15 at Jo Ann Fabrics- Simplicity patterns are 5 for $5.00


simplicity patterns 1.99 @hobby lobby
.99 @ joann


According to the website, McCalls has a 4.75 sale on their historical patterns. Not the cheapest ever, but still a sale.


Just thought I would put the word out, for those that don't already know:

Hobby Lobby has all Simplicity patterns on sale for .99 this week.

I am not sure if it is at Every store, or if it is just in the area I live in (Houston, Tx)...but I thought some of you may be interested in getting some new patterns for next to nothing.

Happy sewing!
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Hobby Lobby has McCall's patterns for .99 this week!
Royal Order of Lansharks Guppy No. 70


JoAnn Fabric - July 2-5 - McCall's Patterns 99-cents, 100% cotton sheeting for quilting for 1.99/yard.

**I got a flyer for this & it has a coupon for 10% off the purchase. 


Hobby Lobby...Simplicity patterns .99!!!!!
Royal Order of Lansharks Guppy No. 70

Lady Rosalind

Help! Are there any stores doing pattern sales on Butterick patterns this week? I have a sudden need for a gown to wear to a fancy event on Thursday (our team made the Top 12 for our city, for the 48-hour film project), and I don't have a single thing to wear!!!!

(I'm thinking this, the longer view, in black silk with a deep red silk stole:

I'll probably just buy it even if it isn't on sale, but sale is always better than non-sale price, right?


I think Joann's has a big sale this weekend.  I don't know if Butterick is on sale, but I know one of the big patterns is on sale.
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Argh!  Does anyone know of an upcoming (like in the next week or 2) sale on Vogue? I missed the JoAnn's sale this weekend by 2 hours!!!  (I've found a pattern I can use to draft the pleats for the Much Ado bodice, but I won't pay Vogue prices.)

Yes? (hope!)



I think they have a sale on their website right now.  I'll have to double check.  But I dont know about any in store sales.

edit: ok if you are a BMV member then the patterns are $4.50 from 8/9 - 8/11
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Lady D1

$3.99 for Vogue patterns
$.99 for McCalls (limit 10)
Simplicity 5 for $5
$.99 Butterwick (limit 10) 

There are some exclusions on the above

Buttons 50% off
Drapery and Upholstery Fabrics 40%
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Lady Rebecca

It's also 99cents for Simplicity this weekend at Joanns.