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2015 Festivals

Started by Orphena, April 29, 2015, 09:24:19 AM

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Well. it certainly is quiet down in this section of the board, but since I see that almost 300 people LOOKED at last year's post, I guess that the information is still helpful to all you quiet lurkers!

Here are the festivals that I am involved with - I know there are others, but don't have details.

Faery Festival - Guelph Ontario. June 20th, York Park.  New location, and only a one day event for this year, instead of the usual 2. Believe it is closer to "downtown" Guelph, and on a bus route. Should be some evening festivities as well, watch the website for updates.

Oxford Renaissance Festival - Woodstock, Ontario, at the Raceway. June 28 - 28th.  This year, there will be 3 tournaments - a live steel tournament, a LARP tournament, and a jousting Tournament. Should make for a very competitive festival! The pub has moved back outside, and I hear we may have a few visitors (read invasions) from our cousins in the south, to really up our ante and show us how much fun Rennies can have! Medieval Education days June 20 & 21 - school kids only. Ticket Prices were lowered for this year, $20 an adult, and a new Family Rate of $50.

Pirate Festival - Milton Ontario at Country Heritage Park. August 1, 2, & 3, Captain's Keg on the Saturday Night for adults only.  Should be a swashbuckling time in Dry Bluffs! Adults are $14, Kids $9.50, Captains Keg $5.
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Just an Update - this year's Faeryfest has been confirmed as our last - so please come out and celebrate 10 years of this festival with us!

There is a Masquerade on the Saturday night, but not in the park. Check the website for details!
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Hausfrau Monica

I'll be back in time for Pirate fest with my son and the Carlton's intend to be there as well.  Their son has supposedly been working on his garb since last year's faire so it is a must this year.  And, likely my last faire in Canada for a while.


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