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Guidelines for Posting - PLEASE READ!

Started by Magister, May 12, 2008, 08:58:42 AM

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Welcome to the Crafting Section!

Crafting is easily one of the most diverse, and complicated areas of historical re-enactment. It can mean arts like Blacksmithing, Woodworking, or Glassblowing just as easily as it can mean Home Decorating, Brewing, Painting, or Cross Stitching. This is our home for all of these.

The forums are for all those who are interested in sharing their latest projects, learning about how to get started in a new craft, or just like to see what others are doing. Like the site, we are open to everyone no matter their flavor of re-enactment: Faires, SCA, Adria, Playtron, Vendor, Patron, or Staff. Just come as you are.

In that spirit we have a few simple rules we ask everyone to follow:

The Simple Rules

1. The Forum is open to EVERYONE

This forum is for all levels of skill and interests. This is an open forum about CRAFTING - Historical, Fantasy, Cosplay, whatever we do not discriminate. We do ask that everyone understands and respects this. Inappropriate comments, rude or otherwise insulting comments will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be referred to forum ownership. We are all here to share and learn - let's try to keep everything on a friendly level.

2. Pictures

Posting of pictures is accepted and encouraged. All common sense rules of posting pictures online are enforced. Including:

A. If the picture is not yours, or the craft item is not yours - give credit where credit is due. If it's not yours don't say that it is!

B. Please keep image sizes below 250K. If you do not know how to do this - ASK! There is also a How-To located in the Photography thread on the forum. This can be found at: Link Coming Soon!

C. If you must have an image size larger than 250K please place a link to your image instead. That way people can choose to click on the link. This helps reduce the amount of bandwidth for those with a slower connection.

3. For Sale Items

This area of the site is not intended for you to post your items for sale! Please do not use it as a classifieds. As many of us crafters are also Vendors, and Independent Merchants, I understand that all exposure is good. However, please try to keep all sales posts confined to the Merchant, and For Sale areas of the site. Any posts blatantly ignoring this rule will be deleted. It is however acceptable to ask if anyone knows where to buy a crafting or crafted item, and point people in the right direction.

4. Crafters Classifieds

Now that you've read the above, here is the ONE exception to the rule. If there is one thing a crafter knows it's that in order to create that work of art you need the right tools. Sometimes though that "right tool" today is not what we need tomorrow. Here is a section for you to post your For Sale / Want ads. takes no responsibility for the quality, delivery, or honesty of the buyer, sellers, or items in this section. By posting in, or replying to an ad in this section you understand you are taking full responsibility and entering in to a private sale. There are a few simple rules for posting in this section:

A. Please limit the number of pictures of your items. Image Spam is real - be polite.

B. Once your item has sold, or you decide to not sell it, please delete the ad.

C. All posts older than 60 days will be deleted. This is in order to keep the section fresh and current.

The Crafter's Classifieds Section has been replaced with the Buy + Sell + Trade area of the site.  You can find it here:

5. Staying on Topic

It is an inevitable truth of a forum - sometimes we wander off topic. Therefore, please understand that at times it may be necessary to nudge the conversation back on track. In these instances please be respectful and comply.

6. Trademarked Images

We all love - we all love other sites, images, books, etc. Sometimes so much so we want to show our loyalty by crafting something that includes the sites logo, or an image from a book. Sometimes, we just can not. Please be respectful of other artists work and trademarks. A further discussion of this topic can be found at:

7. Long Links

On occasion we all run in to those link that seem to go on, and on, and on, and... You get the idea. Well, in order to help control some of that, we ask that everyone please try to use the URL function provided in the form.  The button can be found above where you type your posts.  It looks like a little globe with a piece of paper in front of it.  If you have any questions please just ask a moderator.

Well I think that does it. I hope everyone is still awake and ready to get crafting.

Crafting Forum Moderator
Moderator: Crafting Corner, Buy + Sale + Trade