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Ren Faire Camping / Re: Camping! A Core Part of the Ren Experience?
« Last post by BLAKDUKE on Today at 07:22:37 AM »
AYE Merlin, same here..   Of course I look at it a bit differently.  I had a motor home and if I can get another, all I would need is an area large enough to park, as I carry all of my other amenities.  If faires would just allow parking, it would be a boon to a lot of people.
Squire's Tavern / Re: Mead
« Last post by Johan77 on Yesterday at 08:27:46 PM »
Hey John.
If the next one is a success - would you be able to post your notes and recepie here?
Was thinking to try a batch when i get back from my vecation :)
Mundane Topics / Re: Re: Two words!
« Last post by KiltedPrivateer on Yesterday at 11:24:14 AM »
streets repaved
Port of Call / Re: EL LOBO DEL MAR
« Last post by Welsh Wench on Yesterday at 11:02:44 AM »
Jack turned around for Honour to admire.
"What do you think of these?"
"What you are wearing? I think it is hideous."
"They are old trousers. Suitable for fishing.
"Oh, fishing you call it? More like an opportunity to get together with your cousins and drink and tell tall tales."
"Just a little bit of fun with for the lads, sweetheart." He looked hopeful at Honour.
"So you don't mind me going?"
She laughed. "Of course not. This trip is as much as a vacation for you and a time to reconnect with your kin."
"Kin. You are picking up a bit of a Scottish accent, love."
Jack reached over in Aggie's mudroom under a bench.
"What, pray tell, are those?"
"Waders. They were Tommy's but fit perfectly.
"Why would you need waders? You don't mean to tell me you are getting in the water with the fish!"
"Of course. We are fly fishing."
A puzzled look crossed Honour's face. :" Fishing for---"
"No. Don't say it. We are fishing for trout. And to do that, you have to go where the trout are. They don't exactly leap into your basket."
"I suppose not."
"Honour, if the land could speak, what tales would they tell of clan wars, treachery, cowardice and bravery? The days of William Wallace....the days when the Stone was ours. So if we decide to conquer a few trout, who am I to---"
She pushed Jack out the door.
"Go. Stop expounding and bring back a trout for dinner."
Honour reached under the mattress and pulled out her bag. She ran her hand over the cover of Kyla's diary and started to open the pages.
"Mama! Mama! Wanna go fishing with Da."
"No, Zara. I am not having you fall in the water."
The famous Wolfe pout crossed the little girl's features.
Honour sighed. 'So like her father. Heaven help us all....'
She slipped the diary in her pocket.
"Come. Let's see if Gran needs any help in the kitchen."
"I think the treacle tarts are ready for baking."
Zara was licking the spoon that Aggie had given her.
"Honour, dear, why don't you rest up a bit? You worked really hard helping me with the baking for the church."
Honour pushed a stray hair loose with the heel of her hand.
"I'm fine, Aggie. But this sure is alot of baking!"
"Wednesdays are my turn. So I do the baking for the family and the church on the same day."
Honour hung her apron on a hook.
"Come, Zara. Mama will read to you."
Zara shook her head and stuck her lip out.
"NO! Wanna stay with Gwan."
Aggie laughed. " 'Gwan.' Never been called that before!"
Honour smiled. "Typical two year old talk."
"Go. Take some time for yourself. Zara, you can help me roll out the biscuits, aye?"
"Aye!" Zara said proudly. "Oi! Dropped it!"
Aggie raised an eyebrow. "Oi'?"
Honour sighed.
"At least she didn't say 'bollocks!'"
Honour settled in under the tree in Aggie's yard. She looked around to make sure no one was watching and then proceeded to open the diary.
June 2,1617
I shall start a new diary as a new chapter of my life is to start. The previous diary has been burned. It was the idealistic musings of a young girl on the verge of entering womanhood.
She doesn't exist anymore.
My father is a tenant farmer leasing his lands from Ellair Drummond. I have only seen him riding in the woods off to a hunt. A handsome man, to be sure....but there is something about him that frightens me.
My father had fallen behind on his payments to Laird Drummond. Mama has not been well since the winter and Da has tried to take care of us the best way he knows how. But Mama needed medicine and some of the money had gone to make sure Mama got what she needed.
Last week, Laird Drummond summoned my father and demanded payment. We did not have it. He threatened to put us out or worse.
Send Da to debtor's prison.
June 5, 1617
Da had a serious talk with me. All about family duty and doing what we must to survive. I was concerned but willing to do all I could to help us. Perhaps go into town and be a tweeny or take in mending or laundry for the Drummonds. I imagine there is much to do since Lady Drummond passed away last fall. The children need tending. Maybe I shall work my way up to governess for them.
As my mind was trying to work out a plan for employment, that is when Da informed me of the arrangement.
Laird Drummond was willing to forgo the debts on one condition. That I was to become his bride. God in heaven, have mercy on me.
I am only sixteen and I am to be wed to a man who is old enough to be my father.
I have never spoken to Laird Drummond and now I am to share a bed with him?
Da looked so sad when he told me the plans. He said he always hoped I would find happiness and was sure that Laird Drummond would take care of me.
Mama cried when she heard of the plans. I am numb with shock.
The banns are to be read in church next Sunday and three weeks from that I am to be wed.
The only ceremony will be standing in front of Father Donovan and repeating whatever words he says.
Da said when children are born, it will esconce my position as mistress of the manor. Children! All I want to do is write poetry and dream of a man that I will fall in love with. Not be sold off like a broodmare.
Yet I must do what I have to. I must keep my family together. By leaving them.
Is that not ironic?
Please, God, find another way out for us.

"Honour! Check this out!"
She hastily shut the book and shoved it into her pocket.
Jack and his cousins were crossing the lawn with several strings of fish.
"Aren't they beauties?" Rafferty said.
Flannery was holding up his string of fish. "Practically leaped out of the water and into the basket too."
Honour stood up and smoothed down the back of her dress.
"So, where is yours, darling? You had no success? I suppose since you don't know the lochs here..."
"Oh,  I wouldn't say that...."
Jack reached into his basket and pulled out a string of eight trout.
"Just beggin' to be fried!"
She reached out to kiss him and then drew back.
"Ewww. Someone needs a bath."
Jack whispered in her ear and she smacked him playfully on the chest.
"I stand by what I said. Someone needs a bath first."
Rafferty and Flannery laughed.
"Aye, well, the twins say the same thing," Flannery said cheerfully.
"Come over tonight, we will have a fish fry. Bring Aggie and Zara too. After all, we won't have Jack with us forever."
The cousins waved goodbye as they headed home. Looking back, they heard, "No, Jack. I do NOT make love to someone who stood in fish urine."
They laughed and shook their heads.
"She has as colourful language as Maura and Laura."
Whistling, they slung their baskets over their shoulders and headed through the glen.
Mundane Topics / Re: Answer my question with a question
« Last post by Butch on Yesterday at 10:19:56 AM »
Which one will make you listen?
Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by Butch on Yesterday at 10:18:35 AM »
Sweeping streets
Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by RefMom3 on Yesterday at 08:46:11 AM »
sweeper sweeping
Ren Faire Camping / Re: Camping! A Core Part of the Ren Experience?
« Last post by Merlin the Elder on Yesterday at 05:39:09 AM »
In our younger days, pre-arthritis and other assorted skeletal issues, camping would have been great. In fact, we did a LOT of camping in the early days of our marriage...45 years ago.
Squire's Tavern / Mead
« Last post by Johnwolfe on April 24, 2017, 07:55:21 PM »
Yea I just can't leave it alone for months to tears at a time I might talk a glass out of the next batch then put it up for aging

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Squire's Tavern / Re: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
« Last post by scarletnyx on April 24, 2017, 04:30:16 PM »
Now that Sherwood is over, I have a few weeks until I get the itch again but usually a song from faire will set it right off.

Then its a " Garb Day" around the house, inspecting all the things in our camping totes, going to the library to do research and hitting up the craft stores for more stuff.

I'm too tired right now to think about missing Sherwood, lol!
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