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Squire's Tavern / Re: proud or embarrassed to be a rennie
« Last post by Hausfrau Monica on Today at 09:18:20 AM »
Although it is not one of the first things that I talk about when meeting new people or coworkers, it is a huge part of my and hubby's life.  It's how we met (on this site) and came to be together.  When you visit our home, yes you can tell that faire and celtic influences our life.

When I have been in stores in garb, I often overhear "are they Amish?" or "I bet their in a play".  And hubby gets all sorts of comments on his kilt and badger head sporran.

But it takes other rennies to really "get it" and understand the magic and fun that goes along with getting into garb and walking through those gates into another world.  I am very happy to be referred to as a rennie or playtron.

And hey everyone....pop into chat's really lonely there and I'm often the only one lurking.
Squire's Tavern / Re: proud or embarrassed to be a rennie
« Last post by Pirateleach on Today at 08:49:23 AM »
After my first season as a regular playtron I was referred to as a Rennie by a peer in the community and I took that as my Right of Passage.
Since then (13+Years) I always have something in my day to day life that reminds me of festival.

Now, I have one of my coworkers hooked, and he is now visiting our festival weekly. The addiction is strong in this one.

Never Embarrassed!
Books / Movies / Publications / Re: Great commercial for chocolate
« Last post by AC1957 on Today at 08:23:26 AM »
I love it! Is it some a port of a broader renaissance campaign or this was just a one time thing?
Squire's Tavern / Re: proud or embarrassed to be a rennie
« Last post by Lady Renee Buchanan on Today at 08:13:58 AM »
Most of our friends are rennies.  For those who are not, they know how much we enjoy faire and never comment negatively about it.

When we are with strangers or just meeting people (like if we are in garb and have to run into Walmart to pick something up on our way to or from the faire), if people ask why we are dressed up, I say we are historical reenactors from the Renaissance time period.  Usually, when they hear that, they are impressed!

Ou picture in our church directory is of us in noble garb, so no, we're not embarrassed.
Texas Renaissance Festival / Let The Countdown Begin!
« Last post by Trillium on Today at 07:53:14 AM »
There were tons of them on FB already.  TRF is helping with some who said they got errors and couldn't check out.  But many are mad they sold out so quickly.

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Texas Renaissance Festival / Re: Let The Countdown Begin!
« Last post by KiltedPrivateer on Today at 06:37:21 AM »
Now we wait to see who complains about not getting theirs (o:
Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by Merlin the Elder on Today at 05:40:16 AM »
Animal House
Squire's Tavern / Re: Blocked ip address
« Last post by Merlin the Elder on Today at 05:39:06 AM »
As a former [other] forum administrator, the fight to keep spammers at bay would be a full time job, with LOTS of overtime, if not for a few tools made available to us. One of the tools automatically blocks IP addresses that have been reported as spammers. If the computer you had trouble on uses DHCP to assign the IP, it's possible that someone on the same server has been being an arse.
Squire's Tavern / Re: proud or embarrassed to be a rennie
« Last post by Merlin the Elder on Today at 05:31:09 AM »
Might the word you are searching for be "mundanes?" My Bride likes to call them "muggles."

I'm never embarrassed about being a Rennie. If they don't like it, they can bloody well bugger off.
Scarborough Renaissance Festival / Re: 2018 pics
« Last post by argyl on Today at 03:00:50 AM »
please post more photos if you wish and are able to . Those of us stuck out with no close by renfest to attend, we live vicariously through your photos.
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