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Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by Jack Daw at Work on Yesterday at 12:18:56 PM »
committee chairperson
Sherwood Forest Faire / Sound on Sound Clan Hosts
« Last post by mpullen on Yesterday at 12:17:57 PM »

I'm sorry, but all I have to post is good news. Perhaps next week I'll list my aches and pains.

We have a tentative (99%) go ahead for clan hosts for the Sound on Sound event. As such, I need to start building the clan host list to submit to SoS management in advance of the event (i.e., don't send me your info 2 days before the event Nov 10, as I will probably already be onsite and unable to update the list)

Please cross-post on the clan leader Facebook page and to all the other clan leaders.

Submit your information to my account, as any updates here on Facebook may scroll off before I can read them.

I will need a positive input from all the clans leaders, indicating:

A. Yes you will have two clan members acting as hosts.

B. No, you will not have any clan members acting as hosts, but you will allow other clans to use your two host tickets.

C. No, you will not have any clan members acting as hosts and do not want any other clans using your area, even though SoS will be using your area.

For (A), provide the Names and Drivers license #'s.

For (B), other clans to negotiate to allow them to use their camping permits. Provide name and drivers license #'s, plus their main clan affilition. Note that if the claim owner clans change their minds, the substitute hosts will lose their place on the list.

Please, do not directly contact SoS management, as this will create confusion amd probably not get you the clan host camping pass. Only the master list that I will be building will be submitted for the event.

As far as admission into the event, clan hosts are on their own to work with SoS management. Last year, they were very agreeable to giving GA (General Admission) passes to the clan hosts. All you can do is ask.

Note that SoS holds several events in the Patron's campgrounds - Music, food vendors, alcohol vendors in the Dragons of the Round, stage in Free Spirit, and other entertainment in Mug and Flame.

Sound and Sound is a very organized group. They have the resources and personnel to keep things organized and safe.

The clan hosts are tasked with representing Sherwood Forest and informing all our guests about what we have to offer. You are expected to hand out Faire postcards and telling all how grand the Faire is.
Help Wanted / Re: Hydraulic lifts
« Last post by Merlin the Elder on Yesterday at 12:06:09 PM »
Spam reported.
Garbing / Re: Planning my first costume!
« Last post by Butch on Yesterday at 11:24:04 AM »
Most paintings I've seen of kitchen maidens had a scarf or coif (rather than a cap) covering their head (as I remember).  I have a leather coin purse I wear around my neck for my cel phone, and I have a smaller cotton bag I keep inside of it for my gold dollar coins (faire tips).  Dagger in the belt?  Some Faires will allow it, some won't.  Check before you go!  Wear what you want!  I'm sure you'll look great, and add to others' enjoyment in the lanes!
Texas Renaissance Festival / Let The Countdown Begin!
« Last post by Trillium on Yesterday at 10:16:52 AM »
Woot woot!!! ????????

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Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by Butch on Yesterday at 10:07:44 AM »
Danger Commitee
Minnesota Renaissance Festival / Re: Opening weekend stay
« Last post by Butch on Yesterday at 09:46:20 AM »
Chanhassen, Country Inn & Suites.

We're going to the Dubliner pub in St Paul tomorrow night.  Joe is not going to the Faire this weekend (family vacation) but will meet us for a few beverages at the Dubliner.  Northerly Gales are playing, Michel and Hannah recommended them.

Join us if you can!
Mundane Topics / Re: Re: Two words!
« Last post by KiltedPrivateer on Yesterday at 08:12:59 AM »
skirt danger
Texas Renaissance Festival / Re: Let The Countdown Begin!
« Last post by KiltedPrivateer on Yesterday at 08:11:42 AM »
One more post and we hit 17000
Texas Renaissance Festival / Re: Let The Countdown Begin!
« Last post by LadyJessica on Yesterday at 08:02:52 AM »
Argh...missed it by ten minutes.

Knocking the few wrinkles out of my black kilt for a wedding this weekend.

*What is it with Rennies wanting to get married when it's in the middle 90's?  Most of our garb is made for late fall & winter* ???

I'll be right there with ya!!
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