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Fae Photos

Started by Lavender, May 11, 2008, 09:23:58 AM

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Photos from the 1001 Dreams weekend of Texas Renaissance Festival are now posted on Photobucket.

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VENI, VIDI, VELCRO! Spelling and grammatical errors are beyond my control, it's the way I'm wired.


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Twig, CRF 2008.

Last year at CRF there was another fey but it doesn't seem like she returned :(


Ohhh...Twig got new wings!!!

Poldugarian Warrior

Those are some cool wings. They have psychedelic spots on them. And look insect like, but not veiny. Very good craftsmanship. Good work to whom ever made those wings.


The elusive Fae Guardian is finally photographed.

Caomhnóir na Sióg
(Guardian  of the fae)

   The Fae Guardian (as it is now called) is an elusive humanoid of the forest that has only recently been observed.  Originally it was referred to as the "Fae Stalker" because its quiet nature and menacing appearance was mistaken for predatory behavior. Further observation showed that the creature drew closer to faeries in direct proportion to the proximity of humans to a faerie but moved away when there was no threat to the faerie.
   It is unknown if the creature is able to speak but it has been heard emitting a bird-like shriek.  Whether this sound is a warning or a call is unknown.  The multicolored creature is often difficult to spot as it blends in to the forest background.  It is rumored to have vestigial (non-functional) wings, but this is unconfirmed.


Just some of the creature's that I've found

Spank'n M'Crack


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Rani's Divine Whip

Lady Renee Buchanan

The last picture is what I refer to as a "scary fairy."  She scares me, and I'm not a little kid!  Not quite the type one hopes to see at ren faires.

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Spank'n M'Crack


These are so brilliant they seem to almost leap off the screen!!!  Amazing and fanciful shots... I wish you were around to shoot me and my sister in our fae garb Spanky!!
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Poldugarian Warrior

You Faes always look like your having fun. Like the pics.


Spank'n M'Crack


this is me at TRF 2008