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Swords and bows
« on: May 10, 2008, 12:22:59 PM »
Here is a new story that I have started for fun, since everyone knows how i like to write. Right now i plan to have it filled with different characters. Knights, princesses, ladies, rangers pirates, wizards,elves, fairies, etc.. Shall see if this one gets off the ground. I have already sent ren mails out to a few of my foolow co-writers to join me. If anyone else is interested in joining me ren mail me and let me know . Hope you enjoy the story !

I am princess Alanna. I am a young fair skinned, auburn beauty. My father is the ruling king of Farland.
My father is raising me to take over the throne someday, thus i am highly skilled in horsemanship, swordsmenship,hand to hand combat, dictatorship, and leadership. My mother on the other hand , despite the fact that i am a bit of a tom boy, tries to teach me all the
proper things a lady of nobilty should know like dancing, and sewing, and singing, and being charming to a gentleman suitor. I have had many a gentleman suitor, but my dear father has scared them all away,all except for one, the one i have the least desire to marry. But I need not worry about him, for he is no longer living.

On this day I  find  myself growing  restless around the castle, so i decide to saddle my horse and go for a ride in the woods. My father would frown upon the idea of me riding by myself, but I
am not one to always play by the rules. I like to ride by myself and listen to the sounds of nature.
I saddle up my horse and head off across the fields and into the woods. It is so pleasant here with the birds singing. I ride on at a slow trot. My mind begins to wander off and daydream. I find myself straying off the path thru the woods and heading towards the ocean shore. I turn my horse back towards the path, when all of a sudden their is a rustle in some bushes ahead of me. I tighten my hold on the reins of my horse, as 8 men jump out of the bushes at me . They are a scurvy looking bunch, armed with swords and pistols.
" Pirates," i say to myself , and try to urge my horse forward, but four of the men are blocking my way. One of them grabs at my horses bridle, causing her to spook and rear up. I go falling off of my horse. Two of the men grab me.
" Let go of me!" I shout.
" Ungrateful lass isn't she," replied one of the men," Perhaps she had rather we let her fall and break her neck." The men all laugh.
" Aye, the captain warn us she was a wild one ."
The men start to carry me towards the beach.I look back for my horse. Thankfully she got away from them. Hopefully she will find her way back home, and alert everyone that i need help.
The men continue to carry me across the beach. i kick and scream, and try to bite and scratch , but i am unable to break free.We walk towards a small row boat. the men toss me in it, and then climb in and start to row out to sea.
Ahead appears alarge ship, flying the jolly roger. I recognise the ship, and my stomach begins to curl.
" I thought he was dead " i say to myself.
We approach the ship and i soon find myself, to my disgrace being hauled aboard ship.
" Is this anyway to treat a lady, when my father hears about this ," I yell.
" It is good to see you too Alanna " says a voice. I turn to see a tall fair skinned, bearded man, dressed in al his captain's finery staring at me.
" You " i say," I thought you were dead."
" Thankfully for my sake," laughs the captain ," The rumors were not true.You should be happy to see me my dear.Now you can be with me here aboard my ship ."
He moves towards me and whispers in my ear,
" Now i finally have you to my own my dear, and before the night is over i will have you in my bed chamber and i will tame some of that wild spirit of yours."
" You will never have me ," I shout and then i turn and jump over the side of the ship and into the water.
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Re: Swords and bows
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 Posted - 12/15/2007 :  11:56:04       
It has been a long day at sea. Alot longer than I had anticipated and hoped for. Travelling by boat wasn't usually my prefered way of travel, but getting from Dechard to Farland on foot wasnt very safe.

The small merchant vessel I barted to board on swayed left and right from the waves. Today the sea was angry, thank goodness the waves havn't been larger than the vessel.

Suddenly one of the crew yells out. "Captain, look! Off the starboard side, theres someone in the water!"

We all headed to the left side of the ship and to our surprise was a woman who was clinging to some driftwood.

"Let's pull her in." Shouted the captain.

"I will get her." I said. I tied a rope to my waist and jumped into the water. I grabed hold of the woman and then the rest of the crew pulled us back onto the deck.

"Lets put her in the bunk room." The captain says. I carry her over and lay her down gently in the room where I let her rest. We will be arriving at land shortly.
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Re: Swords and bows
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I awake to find myself in a ship's bunk room.. No, this can't be. I jumped overboard. I got away from him, didn't I, or maybe I didn't. I need to get out of here. I climb out of bed, and start searching the room.. I find some men's clothing laying on a bunk. I drag a small chair i find in the room over to the door and push it against the door to keep anyone from entering. Then i quickly discard my clothes and dress in the men's clothing. I pull my hair up and tuck it under a hat i find laying on another bunk.Now if i only had a weapon. I search the remaining bunks and to my delight i find a pistol hidden in one of the bunks. Now to get out of this hell hole.
I make my way up to the deck of the ship, where i see three men standing with their backs to me. One of them is darked haired and very handsome looking from what i can tell, the other is fair headed like my i won't even say his name. Just his name makes my blood boil and my stomach hurl. I approach, pistol in my hand ,
" Don't anyone move," I order," I'm armed, and I'm not afraid to use it."
One of the men starts to turn.
" I said don't move," I shout," I'm a good shot. I seldom miss my target."
Two of the men laugh and one turns to face me. I fire my pistol.The bullet flies pass the man that turn to face me, and hits the dark haired man in the arm. I see him flinch and clutch his arm. The fair haired man turns to help him, and I get a good look at his face.
" It's not him," I say to myself. What have i done? Where am I ? Who's ship is this? I look at the fired pistol in my hand and my hands begin to tremble. I shot a innocent person. My heart begins to race, I feel faint, and I collapse to the deck.
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Re: Swords and bows
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 Posted - 12/15/2007 :  13:34:57        
I grasp my arm and put pressure on it to keep from loosing to much blood.

"Bloody hell!", I yell as im still grasping my arm. One of the crew members comes over with a clean shirt and wraps it around my arm.

"That will have to do untill we arrive in town sir." He says to me.

"Thank you....I'm sorry but I do not know your name?"

The crewman smiles with 1 tooth dangling from the upper gum. "The names Obri sir."

"Thank you then Obri, my name is Drake."

I look over to the woman on the deck and shake my head. "Put her back into the bunk I guess...not sure what came over her just then."

The crewman set her back into the bunk room once more and the journey to Farland continues.

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 Posted - 12/15/2007 :  14:07:48            
I awake once gain to find myself in the bunk. I start to sit up, and find myself being confronted by two crew members.
" Where do you think you are going missy," one of them says to me," the captain says we are to keep an eye on you."
" Do you know who I am ?" I ask.
" Who are you ?" says the men," You ain't be being one of those fancy pants, rich noble class girls be ye."
" Matter of fact I am," i say with a bit of insult in my voice," I am the daughter of the king of Farland. I am princess Alanna."
" Lol," laugh the men," You don't look like no princess."
I have heard enough. Remembering my training i have received from my father, I leap on the man's back and start digging my nails into his face causing him to bleed.
" Get her off of me ," the man cries.
" I will stop when you take me to your captain, better yet i want to see the man who i accidentally shot."
" We will take you to him," cried the man with the bloody face," just let me go."
They lead me to cabin.
" This is where Mister Drake is staying, he be the man you shot mi lady." The men laugh and hurry away.
I knock on the door. A man's voice answers and tells me to come in.
I walk in the room.
" Mister Drake ," I say
" You !" exclaims Drake," Don't come near me."
" I want to apologize," I answer," I am afraid i mistook you for some one else. If you would let me explain ."
" Very well go on, I'm listening," says Drake, who can't seem to take his eyes of this auburn beauty in his room. Too bad she is so deadly with a pistol he laughs.
I tells him who I is, and how I was taken hostage by an old friend of mine who wishes to be more then friends.
" I jumped overboard to get away from him," I says "
You must have found me in the water and rescued me. I had no idea i had been rescued. When i came too in the bunk room, I thought i was back aboard his ship. I was only trying to defend myself. Please forgive me sir, i meant you no harm. Now if you would allow me, I do know a few things about tending to and treating wounds. Let me see that arm of yours."
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 Posted - 12/15/2007 :  14:23:26            
I walk over to Drake and look at his arm. It is bleeding thru the shirt.
" we need to stop this wound from bleeding, or it could get infected, or worse you will bleed to death. " i say to him. I look around the room. I see a bottle of rum on the desk along with a small dagger. I grab the dagger. Drake starts to move back.
" Relax,I'm not going to use it on you yet," i say with a smile. I take the dagger and pour some rum over it to disinfect it. Then i take it and hold it over the the flame of a candle, till it gets really hot. Then i walk over to Drake.
" This may hurt a bit but we need to cauterized that wound." I lay the hot blade of the dagger upon the open wound. Drake begins to open his mouth to scream , and I quickly kiss him hard on the lips to make him forget the pain.

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 Posted - 12/15/2007 :  16:57:47        
Just as her lips hit mine I pass out cold.

I wake up and I hear the sound of a crowded area. We must be at dock I think to myself.

I get out of bed and to my surprise my arm feels much better and looks much cleaner. Theres no one around so I head to the deck. Soon as I step onto the deck the sun hits my eyes and causes me to squint. I can see the market place of Alanis, a small port city outside Farland.

"Glad to have you back with the living lad." Says a burly voice to my right. Its the captain of the ship, everyone has been calling him Cutler.

"Thanks Captain. I must of been out for.."
"2 Days!" The captain interjects.
"Bloody hell...oh..wheres.."
"Back to Farland!" The captain interjects again.
"You know..."
"Yeah yeah! Stop interupting! I hear it all the time" The captain pipes in once more.

I shake my head and head for the docks of Alanis. I survey the area and take in the scenery. What a beautiful city, small, but beautiful.

"Don't be forget'n your gear mi boy." The captain says. I swiftly turn around and he tosses a large knapsack down to me. I almost forgot all my things.

"Thanks again for the ride good sir!" I say, then I salute and walk away.

I finally work my way through the town and onto the road to Farland. I pull off my pack and put back on some of my gear. I throw on my best and put my sword at my hilt. I put my bow around my back along with my quiver and arrows.

"Ah thats much better," I say to myself as I continue on my way.

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Re: Swords and bows
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 Posted - 12/15/2007 :  21:58:50            
After arriving back in Alanis i made my way to the local inn. My good,loyal townsfolk recognised their princess,and wanted to help me in any way they could, so I soon had transportation back to my father's castle. To my luck my father had been busy with entertaining foreign dignitaries and had not heard word of my recent venture.
I have spent the last two days in the castle, not wanting to run into a certain pirate.
" Alanna, there you are my dear daughter," said my father," I have decided to enertain our guests by going a hunt. I know how much you love a good hunt. Do come with us."
" Oh father," I exclaim with joy," That sounds wonderful. A good hunt is just what i need to get my mind off a few things."
" Something troubling you child?"
" No father,nothing that I can't handle on my own."

A hour later i find myself riding thru the woods on my loyal mount, with my father and the rest of our hunting party. My bow and a satchel filled with several arrows i have strapped to the side of my saddle. Up ahead we spot some wild turkey. I dismount from my horse , grab my bow and an arrow and take aim at a large turkey. My arrow strikes him in the chest. He will make a good meal and the feathers will go towards a new hat.
" Excellent shot," smiles my father with pride," But then again you have always been an excellent student."
I take aim again at another large turkey, but i miss him.
He goes running off towards some tall bushes. I'm not about to let him get away . I take aim. My arrow goes flying thru the bushes, and i hear some one yell out.
I have heard that voice before, but where ? Then I remember, the man that i shot on the ship . " Oh no ," i say to myself," not again."

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 Posted - 12/16/2007 :  12:51:04        
It was a long venture towards Farland, it was getting late and I am getting very hungry. I decide it would be best to capture some dinner before getting sleep. clear out a small area for myself and then continue on my way to find some game to kill.

Suddenly my ears perk up to the sound of..yes..a wild turkey!

With my bow in hand I sneak behind a large oak, as I let the arrow go something heavy falls ontop of me and nearly knocks me out.

"OI DRAKE!!!" Says a recognizable voice.

I lay in silence as the face in front of me starts to come clearer.

"Leona?" I ask.

"'Ello Drake, it has been oh so long since we last bumped into each other like this, hasn't it?" She says with a playful voice.

"Yes, it sure has but, do you think maybe you can get off of me?"

"Oh, sorry!" Leona says as she rolls off and stands up. She puts out a hand to help me up and through the thicket an arrow hits me square in the arm where I had recently been shot.

"Ouch" Is the only word I can get out before I pass out. I think Leona caught me..but im none to sure.
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 Posted - 12/17/2007 :  17:59:26            
I walk back to my horse and remount and ride afew feet forward. The captain of the guard rides up beside me.
" Who goes there beyond they bushes," he calls out," In the name of the King I demand you to show yourself."
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 Posted - 12/17/2007 :  18:40:42        
Leona jumps up and waves her arms

"Jes me ove 'ere!" she yells.

The guard starts striding towards her and stops before he hits the brush where they are hiding in. "What are you doing in the Kings woods!?"

"Oh ye know..a little bit o' this and a little bit o' that...." suddenly Leona takes off running and the guards run in persuit.

I hear footsteps coming towards me and I see a familiar face pop over the bushes.

"I knew I recognized that cry of pain" she says

I black out for a second time today
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Re: Swords and bows
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 Posted - 12/19/2007 :  22:52:13            
The gaurdsmen return from giving chase to the young female thru the woods.
"We lost her," replied ones of the gaurds," then he glances at Drake laying on the ground," but we still have this one. We shall arrest him and take him back to the castle dungeon."
" Arrest him, for what ?" I demand
" For tresspassing and hunting on castle grounds. No one is allowed to hunt on the grounds or woods outside the castle without the king's permission."
" Father.." i start to say in protest.
" Yes daughter," said my father," Is there something you wanted to say?"
" Nervermind father," I reply, for if I were to tell my father how i knew Drake, then i would have to revel to him that acertain pirate captain is still alive and I prefer that he not have that information.
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 Posted - 12/19/2007 :  23:10:49            
Later on back at the castle I pace back and forth in my bedchamber. I can not let Drake sit and rot in the dungeon after he had helped rescue me. But if i tell my father about how Drake rescued me, then he would want to know why, and then it would eventually come out that....
ugh why did he have to be still alive ? Captain Jeter, the suave, dashing ships captain who won favor with my father. Sure, he was charming and a gentleman around my father, but when i was alone with him, he was a totally different man. He drank too much and treated me like i was a animal. Actually worse then a animal would be treated. His manners were dispectable, and he smelled terrible.I knew he was a pirate, but i have seen pirates with better manners then him. This man was...well he was just too mean and vulgar !
But still i could not let Drake suffer in the dungeon. I hurry on my way to the dungeon.. Along the way i bump into my father.
" Alanna, just the person i wanted to see," said my father," I have decided to entertain our guests by having an archery and jousting tournament. The grand prize will be a bag of gold and kiss from you and a chance to court you."
" That's nice father," I reply not paying any attention to what he was saying. I hurry off to the dungeon.
The Sire of Swift

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 Posted - 12/20/2007 :  13:16:36        
I look around the dugeon realizing im stuck here, although I'm really not 100% sure why.

"Guard!" I yell out, but no one answers.

"PSSTT..Drake! Are you ok!?"

A familiar voice I hear from thw window above my head.

"Leona? Is that you?" I ask

"Of course it is ye fool! Who else would come to rescue ya?"

I breathe a sigh of relief. I never thought I'd be happy to hear her voice.

Suddenly I hear footsteps from within the dungeon.

"Leona, get back. Someone is coming"

Around the corner steps a beautiful face. It's the princess.

"Drake are you alright? She asks
"Well..glad you asked, because you see...I'm kind of chained to a wall in a dungeon right now. So no I guess I couldn't possibly be better"

"Well if you insist" She says as she starts to turn away.

"WAIT wait! Please don't leave me, just a little humor" I say

"Fine. I will make you a deal." She says with a troublesome smirk on her face.

"I'm listening.." I add in

"My father is holding a tournament. It will containt archery, jousting, and sword play. If your willing to compete I can talk my father into getting you out of here to do so, and then you'd be free to go after..if you win of course."

"Ok..sounds fair enough, but there has to be some other catch...what other reason are you doing this?"

"I don't need a reason! You saved me, now its my turn to save you back!...also my father promises the winner a kiss from me, and well..all the other men competing..are ..well lets just say I'd much rather kiss you."

"HAHA" I let out a heavy laugh. "Ok ok, just get me out of here"

The princess winks and runs off

" you really think you will win?"

"Your still here..? Well I guess I have no choise now do I? It's better than being stuff in here!"

We both let out a laugh and Leona takes off to the sound of footsteps once more.
Lady Amy of York
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i started to head out of the dungeon, when a nervous thought came to my head. I headed back to talk with Drake and came upon him talking with a young female womanwho was peering through a small window in the dungeon. She looked something like a cross between a elf and a ranger.
" Excuse me Drake ," I interrupt. Drake turned to face me. The young ranger woman, turned to run.
" You don't need to flee," I assured her," I have already spotted you, besides you may be able to help me too."
" Help you do what ?" said the young girl.
" I'm concern that Jeter may find out about the tournament and show up with his men. What would happen if he entered the tournament and won. I tremble at the thought of that."
" I take it this Jeter is a bad man ," replies the young girl.
" Lets just say he makes the devil look nice ," I reply.
" So how do you want me to help you ?" asks the girl," and by the way you may call me Leona."
" It is a pleasure to meet you Leona," I say to her.
" Are you really a real princess ?" asks Leona.
" Yes, I am " I smile at her.
" So you get to go to fancy balls, and dance with handsome gentleman, and wear fancy gowns and jewels, and act all high and mighty..."
" Leona," interrupts Drake giving her a warning glare.
" Well it is not all like that," I laugh.
" And you will get to rule all this some day , and make all the rules you want, and boss everyone around " adds Leona.
"Leona," warns Drake, then he turns to me," You must forgive her mi lady, she sometimes does not think before she speaks."
" Humph!," remarks Leona.
" Actually i find her quite amusing," I say with a laugh.
" See, she likes me," quips Leona with glee in her voice.
" Besides," I add," She would make a great court jester."
Drake and I both start laughing . Leona starts to pout.
" I'm sorry Leona," i say," Seriously i really could use your help. I have a very important job for you to do."
" I'm listening." says Leona.
" we need to make sure Drake wins the tournament, even if we need to distract the other members or even sabatoge their equipment so to speak."
" I think i can help there," smiles Leona.
" Good," i say, " Oh and Drake, father is planning a yule tide festival and ball afterward. It would please me if you would escort me to it. that way i would not have to dance witha certain some one." I walk away.
" She likes you Drake," teases Leona," OOo...the princess and comes the bride ..heres comes the groom ."
" Leona," says Drake" I'm warning you, behave yourself."
Leona scampers off out of sight.

The Sire of Swift

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 Posted - 12/23/2007 :  13:00:35        
"Why do these things always happen to me," I think to myself

Two guards enter the cell and free me of my shackles. "Walk in front of us with your hands behind your back." One of them says as he pushes me forward.

They escort me to a decently large arena, on the sides sit nobility and royalty from surrounding kingdoms. In the back behind a fence are peasents, ready to harass the participants.

"Over there," points one of the guards. "You will find Sir Elric of Chestire, he will suit you with your gear and tell you the rules."

I nod and head on my way.

Sir Elric turns to me. "Ah, you must be Drake," he says as he smiles. "The first of our games will be a test of precision and hand eye coordination, or what you may know as Archery. Here is your bow and 20 arrows. Notice they are all dull pointed incase you decide to make a dashing escape...but im sure there will be none of that. The princess speaks very highly of you, so I hope I won't be dissapointed. On your way now, head down to where the other participants are." He points yonder and I nod and head on my way

I stand in a line of 4 including myself.

Suddenly trumpets blair and a man comes out rattling off some opening to the tournament. He is welcoming the onlookers and the participants.

::Welcome to the Tournament of Arms! The King welcomes all of you and thanks you for coming to our fair kingdom on this fine day. You will witness a tournament between men! One including archery, swordplay, and jousting. Four men will enter and one will emerge a champion, thus recieving a kiss from the fair Princess Alanna, as well as glory! Let me introduce you to the men who will act as your entertainment for this evening.::

::From the Kingdom of Eventere and wearing black and is Sir Samuel McTirnin.

From the Kingdom of Nodorn and wearing green and white is Prince Rasmus Nodorn.

Hailing from the our very own Farland is Sir Jeter McKenzy, wearing red and white.

Also from the wondery prison cells of the dungeon of Farland..::everyone laughs:: and wearing grey and white I give you Sir Drake! ::

Everyone cheers for the four of us, although im sure its more like the three of them while they laugh at me. I'll show them...

The trumpets sound

"Gentlemen take your mark!"

First to go is Sir Samuel - The crowd is at a hush.
The first arrow soars and hits the target dead in the middle.
::The crowd claps::


The Next up is Prince Rasmus
He lets his first arrow go and another dead in the middle.
::The crowd claps::


Next is Sir Jeter - as he readies his aim he yells out - "If only bows had triggers on them, I'd show you all!" and the crowd laughs.

He lets the arrow fly and its another dead center
::The crowd claps and starts mumbling amongst themselves::

I'm last in line - its been a while but lets give it a go.
I hold my bow steadily, I feel the breeze stop, almost as if God was holding his breath for me. I let the arrow go and it hits the middle dead on.
::The crowd claps and stand to their feet to cheer::


The King looks over to Sir Elric and nods in approval, and then to his smiling daughter who no doubt is happy about Drakes shot.

::We will now have all 4 men shoot on 1 target, also the target will be moved back 30 yards::

The crowed gets talkative again

Once again Sir Samuel is up and takes his shot - this time just hitting outside the black

::7 points!::

Next is Prince Rasmus - he takes his shot and just makes it in the black
::The crowd cheers::


Sir Jeter comes up next and lets his arrow fly true - he hits the other end of the black but its inside none the less.
::The crowd cheers again::


I step up and take aim. I look up to Alanna who looks nervous and I smile. I set my sight and take the shot. The arrow soars and hits the black in between both other arrows.
::The crowd gasps and then jumps up to cheer::

::IN THE BLACK - The winner of the Archery contest is Sir Drake!::

Everyone cheers and Alanna has a large smile on her face

I glance over to Sir Jeter and see the wicket look on his face, but when he notices me looking over he smiles and walks away.
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 Posted - 12/23/2007 :  16:28:18            
I am escorted on to the tournament field to congratulate and kiss the winner. I walk over to Drake.
" Kneel before me and bow your head," I whisper to him. Drake kneels on one knee before me and I kiss him on the forehead.
" Bah, is that anyway to receive a kiss!" shouts Jeter," I'll show you how to kiss a woman." He grabs me and starts to kiss me on the lips. I try to put up a fight. Drake leaps at him and knocks him to the ground, making me fall to the ground to. The ground grows silent.
" Mi lady, are you hurt ?" asks Drake and he lends me his hand.
" I 'm fine," I reply," Drake look out ." Jeter is charging at him and knocks Drake on the ground.
" I have had enough of this outrage." shouts my father ," Gentlemen, if you two can call yourselves that, you will settle this in a jousting tournament between the two of you."
"Like he has ever seen the back of a horse ," laughs Jeter and sneers at Drake and walks away.
" Drake,please tell me you know how to ride," I say to him.
" I have ridden some," Drake assures me.
I look over to where they kept the horses for the joust. I see the grooms men and squires putting a saddle on a big black stallion, and a medium size bay.
" That is the horse you are going to ride ," I say to Drake pointing towards the horses.
" He does not look too bad," says Drake thinking that i meant the bay horse.
" Not him !" I exclaim," The black stallion. They call him the Grim Reaper."
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I look at Alanna with a sense of "what just happened?"

"The Grim Reaper?" I ask

"Yes," she responds

The horse seems tame enough but it just wouldn't be normal if I was given any other horse I guess.

I begin to stare off and Alanna punches my shoulder.
"What's gotten into you Drake?"

"Oh nothing..nothing..just remembering something from long ago. Don't involves a big dog with a cute name and a week of bed rest."

Alanna gives me a wierd look, laughs , and walks away.

"OK Grim, lets win this for me and Princess Alanna...mostly for me though."

The horse nays and stands still.

"Hya!" I yell, in hopes of getting him moving.

Again he nays, except he adds a rear kick which throws me over his head and into a small tralf.

Sir Elric walks at a perfect moment.

"Are you done playin with the horse lad? The joust is about to begin, if you don't stop screwin around, the king will have your head."

The thought of my current situation was pretty depressing, I won't lie, but I had to fight, and win.

I jump on Grim Reapers back once more and try a different approach. I kick my heels into his sides. "Come on Grim, lets spill some blood on this day."

The horse nays loudly and takes off towards the arena.

"Who would of thought.." I say to myself

The town cryer steps up to the platform once again to announce the names for the joust - for the first part they are pairing me up with Jeter, and Sir Samuel with Prince Rasmus.

Princess Alanna comes next to the cryer to say some words.

"I rather hope this tournament goes well. The winner shall recieve a bit more than a kiss this time, and for the winner of the hand in marriage."

Suddenly I begin to think if winning this tournament is such a good idea. The thought of sitting in the dungeon seems a little better. Not that I don't like Alanna, but hand in marriage? That and Leona would hunt me down and slit my throat...or Alannas...or both of ours...

I shake my head to get the silly thoughts out and take my shield and lance in hand.

"Today will be a special type of joust. Sir Jeter will be fully armored and our dungeon guest Sir Drake, shall be open, only to fight with his shield and lance."

The crowed gasps then cheers.

"What the hell is this?" I say to Grim, and he nays in return.

If Leona is around and has any tricks up her sleeve, I sure could use one now.
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Re: Swords and bows
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I can not believe what the crier just said. Drake is not to wear no armor. He is still getting over the injuries I accidentally caused him. Jeter will kill him for sure. I have to do something, to stop this nonsense.I spot a young peasant boy selling ale to the spectators. A idea comes to me. I walk over to the young boy.
" Give me three mugs of ale," I say to him. He looks at me with a shocked look on his face.
" They are not for me," I say with a laugh. I purchase my three mugs of ale and walk over to where the jousting horses are tied up.The groomsmen and squires are preoccupied at the moment. I walk over to Jeter's horse.
" Good boy," i say softly and gently to the horse," I bet you are thirsty. "
" What are you doing? calls a voice that startles me and almost makes me spill the ale.
I look to see Leona standing there.
" Getting a horse drunk,"I say to her," and you can help me. Take these mugs of ale and pour them into my cupped hands."
I cup my hands for the horse to drink out of and Leona starts pouring the ale into them. The horse quickly drinks from my hands.
" This should take care of the horse," I say to Leona," but i sure wish i could get my hands on the weapons Jeter will be using."
" Already taken care of," smiles Leona.
" What did you do ?" I asked her.
" Just replaced his weapons with some cheap imitation's," says Leona with a laugh.
I laugh and hug her.
" What is this i hear about you marrying Drake ?" Leona asks me with concern in her voice.
" Who says i am going to marry Drake ?" I replie
, then I remember what i said a few minutes ago on the jousting field," Oh you mean if Drake wins, he and I will be married.Actually i have no intention of marrying anyone yet. It was my father's idea. Besides I hardly know Drake, and why are you so concern ? Do you object? Are you jealous, cause if there is something between you and Drake i want to know. I do not not want to come between you two ."
" Why should i be jealous of you and my brother!" exclaims Leona.
" Your brother?" I ask a bit surprised.
" Well, more like a half brother," Says Leona," But anyway I am not jealous. Besides I am not the one you need to worry about."
" What do you mean,?" asks Alanna.
" Its nothing ," mumbles Leona.
" Leona, tell me," I demand.
" It's just some stupid rule that we have ," replies Leona.
" What rule?" I ask
" Drake must marry one of our kind ," says Leona," Therefore Drake is already betrothed."
" Drake is already betrothed ," I cry . " No this can't be..I can't marry Jeter."
" It is true," smiles Leona," and you are looking at the lucky bride."
" Wait a minute," I shout," You just said that you and Drake are brother and sister so how can you two be getting married ?"
" I lied ," grins Leona sheepishly.
I lunge at her and grab her by the neck.
" Leona, I want the truth," I yell," Their are lives at stake here. The only reason Drake is in this competition, is because if he wins i can marry him, and not Jeter, but if he is already betrothed, I am not about to have him risk his life out their ."
" Okay, okay,clam down," says Leona.
" I am being calm," I say to her tightening my grip around her neck. Leona starts to gasp.
" I'll tell you everything ," she says to me," Just stop choking me."
I ease up on my hold.
" Drake and I are not related, but he is such a good friend, that he feels like a brother to me.Our culture believes in arranged marriages. I was promised to Drake the day I was born. The awkward part is I don't love him in that way."
" I see," I said with a sigh.
" There is more," said Leona , then she begins to smile as if a thought had just come to her mind," maybe if you help me I can help you.As i said I don't love Drake. To be honest, I am in love with someone else.But he is being held prisoner. If you could help me to free him, then we could be married and Drake would be free to marry you. That is if you love Drake. Do you love Drake?"
" To be honest I hardly know him." I reply," He would have to court me, but he beats marrying some one else i know. So if i help you..."
" Oh thankyou, thankyou," interrupts Leona jumping up and down in glee.
" Wait a minute," i say," I said if i help you."
Just then the crowd begins to cheer.
" We will talk about this later," I say.

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Re: Swords and bows
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I head back to the royal viewing stand to join my father and mother and their guests.
" There you are Alanna," says my mother with a smile,"We were beginning to wonder what was keeping you."
"Is that ale I smell on you Alanna?" asks my father.
" Yes," I answered," I'm afraid i was not watching where i was walking and accidentally bumped into one of our guests who had a mug of ale in his hands." Oh lord help me, I could not keep a straight face. I turned away from my father and tried to concentrate on the tournament. The riders were entering the arena.Sir Samuel, a tall gray haired man, enters the ring first. He is a good man, but way too old for me. Then rides in Prince Rasmus,an attractive man, but he already has two wives, and he likes to keep them barefoot and pregnant.I want children , yes, but that is a little too extreme for me.Then rides in Drake. He looks so handsome . My mind starts to drift off, that I barely notice Jeter ride in. He rides over to the cryer and says he whispers something in his ear.
" Mi lords and ladies," cries the cryer," Sir Jeter has made a generous offer. He has decided to hand over his finest weapons to Sir Drake to use."
The crowd cheers and applauds.
" No !" I start to shout, and then remember where i am and stop.Everyone around me looks at me.
" I'm sorry," I replie," but we can not start yet. Is it not custom for the princess to give a token of hers to her favorite knight for good luck."
Sir Jeter rides forward to accept the token.
" I will be honored to carry a token of your affection my dear ," he says to me.
" I am sorry Sir Jeter, but I had someone else in mind," I remark back to him," Sir Drake please ride forward."
" What, you are joking !" hisses Jeter.
Drake rides forward .I step towards him. I'll show you Jeter,i say to myself. In front of everyone, I reach inside the bodice of my gown, and pull out a scented handkerchief i keep close to my ample bosom. I hand it to Drake.
" For good luck sir," I say to him, and then to make Jeter even more jealous I kiss Drake on the lips.
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Re: Swords and bows
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I line up at the far right and Jeter lines up on the opposite side. I look over to see Leona who waves, she also has a nasty looking smirk on her face. I smile and pat Grim on the head.

"We got this one in the bag Grim, Jeter won't know what hit him, but I do, and her name is Leona." Grim nays at me, almost like he is laughing. I look to the other side and Alanna waves and winks. there anything they can't accomplish by being shady?

I laugh to myself and take up my stance as the trumpets roar.

Jeter starts his run at me but his horse seems to be a little on the wobbly side. The crowd starts laughing. Meanwhile Jeter is cursing at his horse and kicking his heels.

" place like the arena..." I say to myself. "Horses, and shields, and lances....oh my." Just then I charge in at him and hit him dead on, knocking him from his horse.

The crowd is cheering for me and the cryer steps out onto the stage.

"Due to both Sir Samuel and Prince Rasmus rendering themselves unconscious, Sir Drake is this years tournament victor!"

The crowd stands but and claps and cheers for me. Before I can fully turn around Leona jumps at me and hugs me.

"You did it Drake!"
"Not without you or Alanna's help," I add.

Leons jumps down from me and Alanna slowly walks up to me.

"Well Sir Drake..I never did ask you..but..since we are to be wed..what is your last name?"

"Starsong m'lady. It's Drake Starsong."

Alanna smiles and the crowd begins entering the arena. The king behind her and the priest in front.

"That was fast.." I say.

All in all there was a man, a woman, a priest and a bible. They say I do and there ya have it.

"Well now that we.." I start to say but suddenly the earth begins to rumble.

Dark clouds cover the sky and lightning crashes down around us.

Someone yells to look to the sky. A dragon, black as the darkest shadow emerges from what seems to be a hole in the sky.

The wind starts picking up and people begin to flee. The amount of fear in the arena is staggering.

"It would be best for us to take shelter," I say to the King.

He nods and I take Alanna's hand and run towards the keep.

"Wow!" Yells Leona. "Did you ever see anything like that before?"

No one here has, how could they? But I have, I've seen that Dragon before. It's Maltavian, a Dragon Lord of Scelion, the old empire.

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" Is this one of your relatives coming to stop the wedding," I say to Drake with a laugh as we run towards the keep.
" Actually I thought he was one of yours " remarks Drake.
" Keep it up and I won't marry you" I reply.
" I thought we were married," replies Drake," What do you call that little ceremony a few minutes ago with the priest and your father?"
" That was not a wedding ceremony silly," laughs I ," That was just the priest and father giving us their blessing to be married. You have alot to learn about our customs here. Believe me the wedding will be a much bigger event."
The dragon is closing in.I am able to get a close look at his face. I have seen that face before. I tremble as i remember where have seen it. Drake grabs my hand.I stand frozen. He picks me up and carries me.
" Sorry love, but I prefer my wives alive," he teases me.
" Drake, I have seen that dragon before ," I say to him," Jeter wears a dragon pendant, and he has a painting of that dragon in his ship's cabin.His nickname is the dragon. "
" I have seen the dragon before myself ," replies Drake.
" Where?" I ask.
" Don't you be worrying about the dragon'" smiles Drake.
" But," I say.Drake places his finger over my lips to hush me.
" If I recall i heard something about a yule tide ball I am suppose to be escorting you too," Drake says to me trying to take my mind off of the dragon.
" Yes, there is to be a yuletide dinner, and ball, and we always exchange gifts among loved ones.And we celebrate till the fest of twelfth night." says I, " but if you are trying to get off the subject of the dragon, it won't work. I want to know where you have seen it before ?"
Drake places his fingers over my lips again to hush me, and I can't resist the urge to nip.
" Ouch" says Drake . He starts to withdraw his finger, but I grab it and and kiss it and smile flirtatiously at him. I'll get a answer out of him yet.

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I can see the seriousness in Alanna's eyes and I pull her to the side and we head towards the back of the castle. Alanna pulls my hand to stop me.

"Tell me right now what you know of that Dragon, I know I've seen him before."

"I really don't want to talk about it Alanna," I insist.

"I don't care, tell me, we are to be wed! You owe it to me!" She yells back.

My eyesite focuses on my feet and her soft hand comes up to my chin and evens my eyes with hers.

"Tell me..please."

"I'm the only one here who knows of this Dragon, very few in this world know of Maltavian. 200 years ago off the coast of Bromell, a sorcerer named Nahziim opened up a portal to another dimension called the Shadow Plane. He summoned forth an army of abominations, including their leader...Maltavian. He was a man back then but, he craved more power and turned himself into a Black Dragon."

I can tell Alanna was confused and then she looked back to me.

"But..200 years? how do you know all this?" She asked.

" last name..Starsong. You've never heard it before?" I ask.

"Yes, I have but..only in books..history books, fairy tales of old..oh my god.." Alanna turns pale. " cannot be. That would mean you are one of the Keldaan?" She starts to trail off.

"Alanna, I'm the last of my clan, and one of the last of my race. I'm 343 years old. Those stories were not fairy tales, they were real, as real as I." Just then Alanna fainted and I heard footsteps from behind.



"Drake we need to get out of here...what happened to Alanna?"

"She fainted when I told her who I was..."

Leona punches me in the arm

"Why would you do that? Enough people already think we are crazy, now lets pick her up and get the hell out of here, I don't want to see what Mal has in store for us again."

I roll my eyes

"Pftt...200 years ago you were only 20! Don't give me that rubbish"

She sticks her tongue out at me and smirks. We continue to carry Alanna towards the back of the castle where everyone else fled too.
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Re: Swords and bows
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Drake carries me.still unconscious into the great hall of the castle where everyone has gathered.
" What happen ?" questions my father.
" She fainted," replies Drake.
" Likely story," remarks Jeter who was standing a few feet away," Tell us what you really did to her."
" Drake did nothing !" snaps Leona.
" Did nothing you say !" laughs Jeter," Listen to me everyone. What do we really know about this Sir Drake. He is a stranger to our kingdom is he not ?"
" Aye," said a couple of people in the crowd.
" My daughter trusts him, and I trust my daughters judgement," replied the king.
" My good king," says Jeter," does it not seem a bit odd to you, that is beast of a dragon outside just happen to show up shortly after Sir Drake did ?'
" That's right," said three elder gentleman in the crowd.
" Sir Drake brought the dragon here," cries out a woman.
" He should be arrested," demands Jeter.
" Aye" agrees half of the people in the crowd.
" But he is to marry my daughter," argues my mother, the queen.
" You Majesty," says Jeter bowing before my mother," Would you want your daughter to marry a criminal. If you would allow me the honor, I would like to request the hand of your daughter in marriage. "
" Sir Jeter should marry the princess," cries out some voices in the crowd.
" Very well Sir Jeter, you may ask for my daughters hand in marriage," says my father.. My mother whispers something in his ear.
" But," adds my father," Alanna has the final decision on who she marries, along as is it someone parliament agrees upon."
" What about Sir Drake ?" asks Jeter," Are you going to arrest him ?"
" He shall be accompanied 24 hours aday by armed guards until we investigate this matter further," says my father," Now if you will excuse me i have some yuletide festivities to attend, for i will not let some dragon spoil the festivities i have planned for my family and guests."

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I awake to find myself sitting in a chair in the great hall. Leona is sitting next to me.
" What happen?" I ask her.
" Do you remember anything at all?" asks Leona.
" I remember asking Drake about how he knew the dragon," I replie," and then he revelved some info about himself and then.."
" And then you fainted " laughs Leona.
" Where is Drake now ?" I asked
" Ummmm..," says Leona not wanting to say.
" Leona !" i say to her.
" He is in the tower, under house arrest." replies Leona.
" What !" I exclaim," you better tell me everything that happen ." Leona fills me in on all the details.
" Oh ," add Leona," There is one more i better not tell you."
" Tell me !" I shout.
" Jeter publicly asked for your hand in marriage ."
" What!" I shout," Come with me !"
" Where are we going?"
" To the tower, to free my groom ."
" Which one?" teases Leona.
" Very funny !" I remark racing towards the tower.
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As we race towards the tower i ask Leona a couple of questions that come to my mind.
" Leona, Drake told me that he is a Keldaan. I need some answers from you. "
" What kind of answers ."
" You first told me that you and Drake were half brother and sister, and then when i asked you if you objected to me marrying Drake you said that you were not the one i had to worry about. And then when i started to question you, you made up the story about you being betrothed to Drake, didn't you?"
" Yes," admitted Leona," I made that part up. But not all of what i told you is a lie. Drake and I are related , that is true. No, I am not betrothed to him, but i had to distract you. You were asking so many questions, and i was afraid i would blurt out the truth about Drake."
" Well the truth is out now," I replie," Unless there is more you are not telling me."
" No," answered Leona," except that I am really in love with someone who is being held prisoner and I could really use your help."
" Well then we have something in common," I say to her," Come let us rescue Drake from prison first."
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Re: Swords and bows
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 sit in a chair at the tall tower in the western wing and 2 guards stand in front of the door.

"You know you two are lucky I'm getting married to Alanna..."

"Oh yea'h? Lucky how?"

"Lucky like I won't be killin ye," I snap.

They both laugh and then I hear a knock on the door.

"Who goes there?" ask both the guards in almost a practiced unison.

"Princess Alanna, I demand to see Drake," says the voice

The left guard opens the door and Alanna and Leona step in, Alanna motions the guards to leave and they do.

Alanna runs up and hugs me tightly with Leona closely behind.

"Drake, if what you tell me is true, about your heritage, then why didnt you just break out?"

"Yeah and I'm sure then your father would really want me as a son...Alanna its not as easy as you may think." I trail off.

I pull out a talisman I carry around my neck, its gold with a blue star in the middle. Leona makes a wierd face.

"What is that?" Alanna asks inoccently

"The Makers Star, its what gives us such long life. When we are born, we are born with a strong life force which in essence makes us extremely powerful. One of our first Kings - King Talonwing, was able to store out life force in this talisman, it brings our strength and power down to near that a human, but it longates our life. We have the choice to free the power from this talisman but everytime we do it will shorten our lifespan, I have only used it once, and it was with the fight against Maltavian."

Alanna looks at me strangely. "How..powerful?" she adds in

Leon pipes in suddenly. "Alanna..if Drake free'd his life force, he could destroy your fathers castle and all the land around it for miles."

Alanna's jaw drops

"But..I would probably lower my lifespan in half to do so." I add in

Alanna doesnt seem to know what to say, she is just standing there stairing off into the distance.

The guards walk in and finally tell us that the King requires our presence.
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"Leona, go with Drake," I say to her," tell my father i will be their shortly ."
" Where are you going ?" asks Drake.
" I have something i need to do," I replie with a smile and a wink.
" Great !" exclaims Drake," My life hangs on the line and your off who knows where ! And why do i not like that look on your face."
I smile at Drake, blow him a kiss,
and say,"Now to go see a wise old wizard i know."
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"Drake, come on!" Leona yells as she grabs my shirt and pulls me forward

"She's going to see the wizard?" I say

"Yes yes Drake, she is, and a wonderful wizard he is, im sure of it! Now lets go!"

::This all sounds so familiar:: I think to myself.

I snap out of my little trance and follow Leona down the hall to see Alanna's father.

As we walk in we are greeted by his majesty. "Come in, come in..but, where is my daughter?" He asks

"She went to see the wizard," Leona replies.

"The wizard? What wizard? Theres no wizard!" The king says back.

Suddenly the queen leans over and pipes in.

"I think they mean the wizard of Koz," She says.

"OH, that wizard! Why didnt you say so?"

Me and Leona look at other and shrug.

"Thats my daughter, always thinking. Rhondel is his name I believe, he used to live in the castle before I was born, when my great grandfather was king of Farland. A powerful wizard he is young ones."

Leona leans over to whisper in my ear. "Who is he calling young? and whats with his sudden raspy voice and "wise" quips?"

I just shrug

"What do you wish from us my king?" I ask humblely

"I wish that you and sir Jeter prepare a force to eradicate those abominations running about outside the castle!" He yells

"As you wish my lord," Jeter says.

Leona mimmicks him and I cannot help but laugh a little

"Of course, anything for my future father-in-law, and current king," I say as I look over to Jeter.

He gives me a wicked grin and heads off down the hallway, me and Leona in close pursuit.

"And the fun begins," Leona says.

"As it it does indeed," I reply with wicked grin of my own forming.

"Whats that look for Drake? Whats up our sleeve?"

I keep quiet and pick up the pace...if only she knew
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Re: Swords and bows
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After Drake leaves the room, the king turns to his wife and says " That was a close one my dear.I am afraid I was caught off guard when Drake said that Alanna had went to visit the wizard."
" Yes," replied the queen," I was afraid he was going to say that he had found out he truth about Alanna."
" We can not let that happen for Alanna does not even know the truth about herself and her ancestry," replies her husband.
" Yes, my dear husband, but need I remind you that Alanna is coming of age soon, and she will soon need to be told the truth."
" Why did she go to see the wizard?" asked the king," I had ordered her years ago to stop visiting, for fear that she would learn the truth."
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Knowing that the dragon was still flying about outside I decided to go on foot instead of by horseback.I had changed out of my good gown, and put on a blouse , a man's vest, and a pair of man's britches .If i was going to be traveling alone I did not want to look like a wealthy woman. There are highwaymen and pirates who roam the roads outside the castle.I quickly dressed and then made my way outside the castle. At first the guards refused to let me leave the castle, saying that it was not safe with the dragon outside. But i quickly reminded them who i was, and that I could have them put in the tower or dungeon if they did not obey me. I stayed close to the castle wall, blending in with the shadows until I reached the moat. I could see the dragon flying above. I waded into the moat, and dove under the water, only allowing myself to come up every few minutes for air. Then i quickly ran towards the castle gardens and tried to stay hidden among the bushes, and then i i quickly made a dash into the woods.I stopped and sat on a large rock to catch my breath.
" Looking for someone," a voice called out. I turned and their was the wise wizard Rhondel standing infront of me.
" You are far from home," i say to him," Have you come to help ?"
"I sensed a dark presence here, and came as quickly as I could," said the wizard.
" You know about the dragon?" I ask.
" Aye, I have known for quite a time now," replied Rhondel .
" Rhondel, I have seen that dragon before."
" And so you have," answered Rhondel," Do you remember where?"
" It was aboard a ship ," I answered.
" That is all?" asks Rhondel," You do not remember seeing it anywhere else. Then again, how could you remember , you were just a baby."
" What are you talking about Rhondel ?" I ask him.
" Nothing child," replies Rhondel," Just an old wizard rambling and muttering on."
" You will help us fight the dragon ?" I ask.
" No, not I" says Rhondel," There is someone more powerful then me who will fight him."
" Do you mean Drake ?" I ask him.
" Ah, the young man named Drake," sighed Rhondel," I have been watching the last few days events in my crystal ball."
" Then you know about his ancestry and the pendant that he wears.?"
" Yes, a interesting being he is," remarks Rhondel," He will make you a good husband."
" But what about the talisman ?"
" Ah, I knew there was something bothering you child."
" Yes, the fact that Drake will long outlive me, that is if he survives the battle with the dragon.I know it is silly but it bothers me"
" Don't worry about things like that my dear," remarks Rhondel," I can assure you, you both will be together for many, many years."
" Then Drake will survive the battle with the dragon?"
" H e will not be the one fighting the dragon, there is someone more powerful then him,"Rhondel replies.
" Who?" I ask," Please tell me Rhondel."
" I should not," answered Rhondel nervously.
" Rhondel,please tell me ," I beg.
" Very well," sighs Rhondel.
" Well..." I say.
" I can tell you that the being is a female," says Rhondel.
" You don't mean Leona !" I exclaim.
" No, this person is even stronger then she."
" Who? Do i know her ?"
" Yes," answerd Rhondel
" Who is she ?"
" She is from this kingdom. She has the fairest skin in the kingdom. "
" But i am the fairest one in the kingdom. that is why I am called Alanna. It means fair one. "
Rhondel just looks at me and does not say a word.
" Do you it can't be. I'm stronger then Drake and Leona. I am to fight the dragon, but how can that be, i am just a mere human."
" Alanna, there is something you need to know," says Rhondel," You are no ordinary person."
" What do you mean ?" I ask.
" Come sit down on this rock next to me child and let me explain ."
" A long time ago, there lived a mighty dragon. He was the king of all dragons. He was strong, and pocessed magical powers, and lived in a mighty fine castle made out of crystals and gem stones. Despite all his his strength d powers and wealth, he lived alone. he grew very lonely and searched high and low for some one to be his bride.
He found her. She was a young girl, part elf, part fairy,part human. She was quite beautiful and had a way with animals. It was said that not only could she talk to them, she could shape shift into any animal she wanted to be.The tow of them fell in love and married. They had a child, a daughter. Unfortunately the child was born during a time of war and turmoil in their part of the land. Her parents, the dragon, and the young elf-fairy princess were killed. "
" What happen to the child ?" I ask.
" Fortunately for the child I was friends of the family." Rhondel replied," I had a vision about their death, and was on my way to warn them, but I was too late. I found the baby alone in the castle, the only survivor. In fear for the babies life, I quickly fled with her. At first i did not know where i would go, then i remembered the kingdom of an old friend of mine. He had recently married. They had wanted a child of their own, but to their dismay they had found out they could not have any. I knew that they would love the baby and give her a good home. So off I went to the kingdom of Farland."
" Farland !" I exclaim," Then the baby was a relative of mine."
" No, my dear," sighs Rhondel,"That baby was and is you. You have powers you don't even know you have and with my help i will teach you to use them."
" No, I don't believe you. This can't be ," I say running off crying. I run right into Drake.
" There you are," says Drake," I have been looking for you." I say not a word, but only weep harder.
" What happen?" asks Drake," Are you hurt ?"
" No!," I answer," Something much worse. My life as i knew it never really existed, nor will it ever be the same ."

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Drake holds me in his arms as I weep. Rhondel approaches to console me. Drake recognises him.
" Rhondel,it has ben a long time old friend," says Drake.
" Yes , too long," replies Rhondel.
" You two know each other ?" I ask," Is everyone keeping secrets from me ?" I go running off into the woods.
" What got into her?" Asks Drake.
" We can talk about that later,"advises Rhondel," Right now you better go after her."
Drake runs after me and finds me standing under a tall oak tree weeping.
"Alanna," drake says to me.
" Don't say a word Drake please," I beg him," I just want you to hold me tight and don't let go."
Drake holds me in his arms. I weep even harder.
" Alanna, please tell me what has hurt you ?" ask Drake.
I continue to cry. Drake brushes a strand of hair out of my face and kisses me on the cheek. I look up into his eyes.
" Drake ," I say to him, fighting back the tears.
He pulls me closer and kisses me. I find myself kissing him back. His kisses grow more passionate.
" Don't stop," i say to him.
He pulls me down to the ground and he gently and passionately makes love to me.
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I layed happy and content in Drake's arms. I had forgooten about the past few hours events for the time being.
" Are you okay?" Drake asked me," I didn't hurt you did I? I mean I know you have never been touched in that way know what I mean ?"
" I am fine my love," I say to him and kiss him, and then I look at him mischeiviously and say
" When can we do it again?"
" I have created a monster," teases Drake and he pulls me towards him, and we make love to each other once again.
Afterwards I lay close to Drake in his arms.
" Drake I'm curious about something ," I say to him.
" What's that?" replies Drake
" If you are three hundred and something years old how many wives have you had ?
" Hum," smiles Drake," Including you, one too many !"
" Very funny !" I replie and I whack him in the arm.
" We best be getting back, we have a yule tide ball to attend and there are presents to give out," I say.
Just then a huge dark shadow appears along with a loud thunderous noise.
" It's the dragon," says Jake," . He has picked up on our scent. Quickly, grab your things and lets get out of here."
The dragon is circling up above. I remember what Rhondel told me. I have special powers.
" Drake hold my hand ?" I say to him.
" Not now Alanna," he teases me.
" Hold my hand ," I insist . He grabs my hand and i close my eyes. Here goes nothing.
" Turn me into a giant hawk," I say. I imagine myself as a hawk. slowly my body begins to transform.
" Alanna, what is happening?" demands Drake
" I can't explain now," I say to him," Just hold on to me."
I flap my wings and take off into the sky with Drake holding onto me for dear life."
" Ummm.. I hope you know what you are doing." says Drake as we go higher into the sky.
" Actually I have never flown before," I reply.
" You want to explain to me what is going on ?" asks Drake.
I tell him everything that Rhondel told me.
" So that is why you were so upset ?" aks Drake.
" I was not so much upset about my powers ," I said," It was more the fact that no one ever told me the truth. You see for years I thought their was something wrong with me. I would have these visions and then they would end up coming true. I could teleport things with my mind. I would sometimes touch things with my hands and they would start on fire. I never said anything to anyone, for fear that they may think me crazy or possessed and put me to death."
" But you are not crazy Alanna," says Drake.
" I know that now," I reply," That is not the only thing that bothers me. I love the king and queen of Farland. To me , they will always be my parents. But biologically I am not really their daughter. So how can I be princess Alanna, the future queen of Farland ."
Just then the dragon appears out of nowhere and is closing in on us.
" Hold On," I say," I think I can fly faster then him."
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Alanna picks up the pace but Maltavian is hot on our tails

"We won't make it Alanna.." I say

Maltavian is above us and looks down to me

Suddenly the sky shakes and a thundering voice pierces my thoughts

::Drake of the Starsong tribe, you have lived to long! You're the last of your kind to escape my hatred, but no longer shall you hide::

"Alanna, let me go"

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" She yells

"No, let me go now. Trust me"

"No, I will not..."

Just then I squeeze her talons and she releases her hold on me

I begin my decent, hold the talisman around my neck tightly, and behind the incantation.

Sir la nethwe, aire tas la rewek na hir!

The talisman glows brightly and a shockwave sends Alanna flying down into a tree and temporirily blinds Maltavian.

After the glow simmers down I've taken my blessed form.

I spread my wings - spanning 20ft from left to right wing

"Maltavian, I am the last of the Dragon Lords, and I WILL end this right now!"

Maltavian lets out a roar that nearly breaks the sound barrier and he charges in to me.

I pull out Liriel my Draconis Defender and charge toward Maltavian

"LIRIEL I RELEASE THEE!" I yell as loud as I can and my sword shutters and turns blue, releasing a powerful beam of pure magic.

Maltavian opens wide and releases his a similar orange beam, one that has been named earth shaker by my ancestors.

The two beams ignite each other and sucks all sound from the surrounding area, suddenly a sonic boom blows all the landscape away and I see Maltavian flutter away into the distance, but none to soon the blast hits me and knocks me back towards the earth, before I hit the ground I black out
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After recovering from having the wind knocked out of me, I transform back into my human self, climb down out of the tree and go looking for Drake. He is no where to be seen, and I begin to panic. " Use your visions ," my inner voice tells me. I try to focus,but it is not working. All i keep saying is two dragons battling in the sky .
I head back along a path towards the castle, when i see a huge figure laying on the ground. It is a figure of a dragon.
" Maltavian," I shout. The dragon does not move. He appears to be hurt. I move closer and realize it is not Maltavian. Where did this Dragon come from? I kneel down beside it. There is a sword laying next to him. I go to touch it when all of a sudden a ghostly image of another dragon appears. I jump back in fright.
" Alanna, dear child, do not be afraid. I mean you no harm ," says the voice.
" Who are you, and how do you know my name ?" I ask.
" I am your father," replies the dragon.
" Father," I say and kneel before him, fighting back the tears.
" There is no time for crying ," my father says," You have an important job to do Alanna. You are Queen of all the Dragons. You and Drake must marry. By the way that is Drake laying there behind you. Yes, he has dragon blood in him too.No you are not related. At one time the kingdom of dragons was ruled by 2 dragons. Both of them were good. One was me, and the other was a golden dragon. He was killed by the black dragon."
" The black dragon. You mean Maltavian ?" I say.
" Yes," said my father," but that is not important. You and Drake must marry. United you two will rule the kingdom and rid us of Maltavian forever."
" we will father ," I assure him.
" There is one more thing," says my father," Maltavian is not working alone. There is someone else even more powerful and more evil then him.He is the real black dragon."
" Who father ?" I say. But my father's image fades away.
" Father. Don't go ! " I cry out, but he is gone. I hear a moan. I turn to see Drake awake.
" Well," I say to him, gently kicking him in the rear with my foot," I'm glad you are awake. I think there are a few details about yourself you forgot to tell me."
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I know I'm looking up at Alanna but everything is blury and my body feels warn.

"Don't over exert yourself may be a Dragon Lord but your still mortal.." Alanna says.

Suddenly a small dragonling flys up and lands on Alanna's shoulder. It then hops into my arms and glows a bright green, causing Alanna to shield herself from the glow. When the glow is gone I'm back to my normal self and the dragonling is now Leona.

"Leona..? but.."

I start to regain my strength and sit myself up.

"Thank you Leona..." I say

" need to be more careful...I won't always be around for you.." Leona says worriedly

Alanna is next to us wondering still what happened.

"Alanna don't let Drake do to much, he needs his rest..badly" Leona asks pleadingly

Alanna just shakes her head in agreement, then walks over and helps Leona pick me up.

"Lets take him to Rhondels, he will be able to heal him"

Alanna stops and gives Leona a serious look.

"Why is it everyone knows about EVERYTHINGA except for ME!?"

Leona shakes her head and we continue to Rhondels tower.
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" I will have to leave you here with Rhondel," I say to Drake.
" Where are you running off to?" asks Drake.
" I don't want to leave," I reply," but the yuletide ball is tonight,and if i do not show up, it would not go over very well with my adoptive parents or the royal court."
" I'm not letting you go alone," says Drake," What about Jeter ?"
"You need Rhondel's healing help," I reply," And as far as Jeter goes I can handle him."
" That is what I am afraid of," Jake replies.
" Or are you afraid I might dance with every handsome gentleman there ?" I tease. I give Drake a kiss and go darting off.
Drake looks at Leona.
" You don't have to say it," says Leona," You want me to follow her and keep an eye on her."
" Exactly," answers Drake," I do not trust Jeter. I will be there at the ball as soon as Rhondel patches me up here, but in the meantime you are not to let Alanna out of your sight, or else you will answer to me."
" Gee whiz," teases Leona," Grouch . By the way don't forget to get Alanna a special gift. I have heard that it is a special tradition among the family and the royal court to exchange gifts at the ball."
Then Leona starts to laugh.
" What is so funny ?" asks Drake.
" You are going to have to dance tonight at the ball," laughs Leona," and you sir, have never been able to dance.So i can't wait to see this."
" Go!" growls Drake," You are already letting Alanna out of your sight."
" Okay, I'm going , I'm going" says Leona. Rhondel comes walking towards them and Leona says to him witha laugh and an impish smile,
" See if you can heal his personality too and maybe teach him to dance while you are at.."
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Re: Swords and bows
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Yes...hopefully we will have our story back..but...if your local bookstore for it :P lol....oh how I dream
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Re: Swords and bows
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 I make  my way back to the castle, only to be  confronted  by my father  who informs  me  that  he has moved up the wedding date,  and that he has hired a well known seamstress by the name of Maggie , to  make  my wedding gown. I mutter  a quick  thankyou  and  hurry off. After leaving my father I head towards my bedchamber. I go to sit down on my bed, when i hear a small voice shout
" Ouch !". I leap up to see a small dragonling sitting on my bed.
" Leona," I say to her," I see Drake has sent you to spy on me . Well you can just go back to the him and tell him that I don't have time to get into any trouble, father and mother have moved up the wedding date."
Leona sits there looking at me not saying a word.
" You heard me," I say," Shoo! Out of here. I have no time for games right now."
" Gee whiz," says Leona," You and Drake make a great pair. You are both grouches."She goes flying away.
A minute late there is a knock at the door.
" Leona, I told you I wanted to be alone!" I shout.
" Excuse me mi lady," calls a serving maids voice," But the seamstress your father has sent fro is here outside your door. she has gowns to show you."
" Very well," I sigh," Let her in."A middle age peasant woman enters the room carrying some gowns in one arm and a basket full of fabrics in another. She is followed by a medium size dog who when spotting my bed decides to go leaping onto it.
" Tugs, you bad dog," calls the woman," You get down from there. I beg your forgiveness mi lady, Tugs is still a puppy and does not know any better."
" It is fine," I assure her.
" My name is Maggie mi lady and I have brought alone a few samples of some of my gowns for you to try on."
" Very well Maggie," i sigh," lets see what you have to offer." Wih Maggie's help I try on one of the already made gowns she has to offer. It is a gorgeous gown.I turn to look at myself in the mirror and I begin to cry.
" Mi lady," says Maggie," Do you not like it?"
" It is beautiful," I say," It's just that...... "I look at Maggie. I have a strong feeling that I can confide in Maggie and tell her the truth.
" Can I talk to you," I say to her.
Maggie sits down on the bed, and motions to me to sit next to her.
" I am so confused right now Maggie," I began," Where should i begin. Lets see...when i was a small child, i discovered that i was different from the other children in the court. I had special gifts and powers. I tried to tell the others about them and they all laughed at me or called me crazy. My father frowned upon it and forbid me to use my gifts or powers. I now know that he was afraid for my safety and that people may call me a demon or something for migaic is not well thought of in these parts.Anyway, i listened to my father, but yet there was part of me that always wondered if maybe i was crazy. As I reached womanhood i had several gentleman suitors, but father always turned them away. No one was suitable for his daughter until Jeter came along. He was not the most pleasant man, but i agreed to be courted by him, for i wanted to please my father, plus i felt no respectable gentleman would marry someone like me once they knew my secret.So as I said i allowed myself to be courted by Jeter. He was a terrible ,evil man. I tried to tell my father, but Jeter was very clever . Then there was news that Jeter had been killed. I was so relieved. But now I have found out that he is alive and wants to marry me."
" So you are marrying Jeter?" asks Maggie.
" No,I am to marry Drake," I answer, and I fill Maggie in all about Drake.
" Do you love Drake?" asks Maggie.
 " Yes," I replie.
 I decide to  tell Maggie everything.
" But you said Drake knows and he still wants to marry you , so why are you so upset ?" inquires Maggie.
" Because for one I know nothing about being a dragon queen," I say," and two I have not told my parents the truth yet. "
" But they know that you have some special power."
" Yes but they do not know all the details."
" There is something else bothering you child ," says Maggie.
" Yes," I say," that is that I am not truly princess Alanna."
" Nonsense child," As far as the people in the kingdom are concern ,you are the child of the king and queen of Farland. Everyone considers you our princess and future queen."
" But.." i say ,but Maggie interrupts me.
" There is something else bothering you, talk to me child."
" I saw a vision of my real father. He warned me that there was a force stronger then the black dragon to deal with. At first i did not know who he meant, but then it dawned on me later who he meant. I know who this person is, and I fear that he will only bring danger to me and Drake, unless I......"
We are interrupted by Tugs barking and growling at something in the corner. I turn to see a small dragonling shuddering in the corner. I start to laugh and say
" Go get her Tugs !"
" What !" exclaims Leona.
" Serves you right for spying on us ," I say to Leona. Then I turn to Maggie and say," Maggie meet the dragonling and spy of the castle. Her name is Leona, and she is quite the mischievous little imp."
" Humph !" pouts Leona.
" Very well, enough trying on gowns for now, I need to pick out a gown for the ball tonight. I'm already running late."
" Why not wear what you have on ,"Leona suggests.
" the gown is lovely on you." says Maggie.
She is right. It is the most beautiful green velvet gown. It brings out my dark auburn hair, my green eyes and my fair skin.
" It's also very revealing," teases Leona," Drake will like that."
I look at myself in the mirror. Yes it does show off a bit of cleavage, but it will have to do. I have no time to change.
" So what is your yuletide gift to Drake ?" asks Leona.
" I plan on giving him Grim Reaper as a gift." I say
Maggie looks at me with a strange look on her face.
" He is a horse," I say to her.
" Oh!" says Maggie," Now about our conversation we were having earlier."
" We will talk later ," I say to her, then i walk over to her and whisper," I can't say anything infront of Leona, besides i need to deal with it myself."
Then i sit down to attend to my hair and jewelery.

In the meantime,in the castle courtyard .....
" Curses," shouts Jeter,pacing back and forth with a young page following behind him" She can not marry Drake. She must marry me. For once we are married then i will be king of the dragon kingdom and then they will be sorry they messed with Maltivan, for I am the real black dragon."
" What about the other reason you need to marry her?" asks the page.
" Well, we don't have to be married to do that," smiles Jeter," No i just need to bed her and mate with her. For in order for me to live for ever i must mate with another female dragon with the special blood type i need and Alanna may not know it, but she is the only female dragon left in the kingdom with that blood type."
" And how to you plan on doing that?" asks the page.
" I seriously wounded Drake this afternoon," smiles Jeter," I doubt he will show up at the ball tonight so i will dance with Alanna at the ball tonight, and before the night is over she will be mine."

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Re: Swords and bows
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I finish dressing, bid farewell to Maggie and Leona for now, and hurry out of my bedchamber. I stop infront of a mirror in one of the halls to rexamine myself,when I feel myself being watched.
" Leona, I know you are here," I say. I turn , but it is not Leona. A young page boy stands smileing at me.
" You are new here are you not ?," I say to him.
The young page just nods his head. Suddenly a vision appears in my mind. I see Jeter and he is standing in the courtyard talking to the young page that stands before me.
" Come here lad," I say to the page. He turns and starts to dart off. I use my powers i have to knock over a table and chair infront of him blocking his path.
" Not so fast," I shout," Tell me what you and Jeter were talking about ."
" I don't know what you mean mi lady ," the young page answers trying no to llok me in the eyes.
" Then way won't you look me right in the eyes ? You are lying to me boy. I demand the truth now." I grow angery and i use my magic i have to shoot flames out of my hands. I send them flying at the page's feet.
" Alright,I will tell you," cries the young lad," Just don't kill me." He tells me all about Jeter's evil plan.Well not all of it. He tells me about Jeter's palns to marry me and why. He neglects to tell me that Jeter needs to mate with a dragon with blood like mine, so he can live forever."
" You did well boy, now go, leave this castle and never ever return." The boy goes running down the hallway.
Now to go take care of one evil snake. I will play your game Jeter, I say to myself, but it will be you that will be mine in the end.
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I head to the ball room . After making my grand entrance I head towards my father. He is standing talking with Sir Jeter. Perfect, just the two I wanted to see.
" Father," I say to him, " I do not want to late till later to announce my wedding, I wish to announce it right now."
" But Drake is not here," says my father.
" Why should that snake be here," I say lying through my teeth," I am through with him. He has hurt me and I will never forgive him. No, the man I am going to marry is Sir Jeter if he will have me."
" Is this a joke?" says Jeter .
" No joke sir," I say to Jeter," Drake has betrayed. I can never marry him. Therefore I accept your offer of marriage."
" Excellent," smiles Jeter.

Little do I know that a certain dragonling by the name of Leona, is hiding in the rafters. She sees and hears everything and goes rushing off to find Drake.

" Dance with me ," I say to Jeter. He leads me out on the dance floor and we dance together. But despite trying to be strong, I find myself trembling in fear .
" You are cold my love," Jeter says to me," Let me bring you something to warm you up." I see him go over to a serving maid and grab a glass of wine she carries on a tray. I am distracted for a minute by one of my father's guests congratulating me on my upcoming marriage. I do not see Jeter slip something into my glass.
Jeter brings me the glass of wine, and being slightly thirsty I drink it.Then he takes me on the dance floor and we dance two more dances. I find myself smiling at Jeter and flirting with him. What is wrong with me ? Why am I acting this way?
" Come with me," I say to him with a flirtatious smile and i lead him outside to the garden area.Once outside I say to him,
" Kiss me." Oh my ! What am I doing. I try to fight it , but I can't. What has he done to me. I am under some spell.Drake, where are you when i need you. Someone help me.I need to stay focus. Alright Jeter I am about to turn the tables on you I say to myself.You may have slipped me something, but I will not let you have me. Instead I will use your evil plot to my advantage.
Jeter pulls me closer and we kiss passionately. He takes my arm and leads me behind some tall hedges where no one can see us. Then he pulls me close to him and kisses me again. He starts to undress me, kissing me hard.
" Kiss me all over," I say to him, and he starts to kiss my ample breasts. I reach under my skirts for the dagger i have hidden. He pulls me close to his body, and I reach for the dagger stabbing him twice in the chest. He lets out a blood curling scream, and falls backward.Just then I hear a voice call my name. It is Drake.
" Drake!" I cry out.
Drake comes running. Upon approaching the scene and seeing Jeter laying in a pool of blood Drake runs to me and pulls me into his arms.
" Alanna, are you hurt ?" Drake says to me.
" No," I say to Drake," I am find. I did not let him touch me in that way."
" What happen ?" Drake demands.
" He put something in my drink. Some kind of potion. I don't want to talk about it Drake. Just tell me is he dead ?"
Drake walks over to Jeter and examines him.
" He is seriously wounded, but he is still alive, although I would like to kill him right now." Drake grabs the dagger , but I jump up and stop him.
" No Drake don't," I say to him," They well only hang you then for murder. You must leave here before they find you."
" I won't leave you here alone with him," says Drake.
" Please Drake," I beg," If they find you here they will arrest you. Please leave me here. I will call for the guards. I will them them the truth. That Jeter attacked me, and i will demand that he be arrested. "
" I am not leaving," says Drake," I will hide over here in the bushes, but I am never leaving you out of my sight gain, not as long as Jeter is alive." Just then Leona comes flying up.
" And where were you?" says Drake.
" I was looking for you ," replies Leona.
" I told you to stay with Alanna," Drake shouts loudly at Leona." Change yourself back into human form and go get the guards for us."
Leona changes herself into human form and goes running off. I pull my gown and chemise back up and then i sit and start to cry. Drake pulls me into his arms and holds me.
" It is alright Alanna," says Drake," I promise you I will never leave you alone again. I love you, and I will always protect you."
" Drake," I say to him," Father has push up the wedding date."
" Good the sooner we are married the better," says Drake.
"No,I say to him," you don't understand, I am to marry Jeter."
" Well given the certain circumstances and evidence," smiles Drake," I can assure you Jeter will not be marrying you. I will." He kisses me on the forehead and I hold onto him tightly not ever wanting to let go.

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I'd heard about the commotion, and went to look for Princess Alanna. One of my secrets is that I am of noble birth, and had chosen to forego all of the courtly manner and strike out as a seamstress. It also gives me the option of bringing anyone to my court with me and want to invite Alanna and Drake to hide out there. Tugs is hot on my heals as I see them clinging tightly together.
"MiLady, MiLord, I have something to offer you..." I trail off as I begin telling them who I am.
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We listen to Maggie's story. Drake thinks it would be a good idea to leave the castle and get away far away from Jeter.
" I can't leave my people ," I protest.
" The same people who were willing to have you marry Jeter," remarks Drake.
" Even if we were to leave here, Jeter would find us where ever we go."
" We are leaving here," says Drake," I want to get you as far away from Jeter for the time being as possible."
" But," I say.
" Alanna," says Drake," I love you. Let me take care of you, the way I feel is best."
" Very well," I say to him," But i need to say goodbye to mother."
" No, " says Drake," No one shall know that we are leaving."
" Please Drake," I say to him," Just allow me me some time with her. I won't say that we are leaving. I will go and spend some time with her, and then excuse myself and say i want to go to sleep. I will gather my things in my room and meet you in the stables."
" I'm not letting you out of my sight," replies Drake.
" I will take Maggie and Tugs with me," I assure him.
" You will watch her Maggie," says Drake refering to me.
" I will not leave her side for a minute," smiles Maggie.
" Very well." says Drake," You have 2 hours. No more. I will meet you in the stables. I'll saddle your horse and three others."
" Take Grim," I say to him," You will find him in his stall with a red ribbon around his neck."
"Why?" asks Drake suspiciously.
" I was planning to give him to you as a yule tide present," I replie.
" Wonderful," says Drake.I give him a kiss. Drake holds onto me not wanting to let me go.
" I will be fine," I assure him.
" 2 hours," says Drake," Then i come looking for you."
I hurry off with Maggie and Tugs behind me to find my parents, just as I see Leona approaching with the guards. I see Drake duck out of sight, as the guards quickly gather around Jeter who is still unconscious.
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I stare at Jeter with a fire burning inside, how badly I want to end his life for what he has done to Alanna. I turn and head back to Rhondel's tower, upon arrival Rhondel is already out front with a pack on his back.

"Drake! My dear boy, you just saved me a trip, I was just about to come find you."

I look at Rhondel with an odd look

"Drake come with me, this is very important, I've just discovered something that...well no one would believe me about." Rhondel motions to me and begins heading to the east of his tower towards Sirens Valley.

We walk for around an hour and we come to a dead end. Rhondel turns to me and yanks the talisman off my neck.

"Sorry my boy, but I need to borrow this for a moment."

Rhondel moves a side a few dead branches and reveals a shape in the wall. He sticks my talisman inside and the earth opens up to a dark cavern.

"Aha! Just as I thought!" Rhondel says while jumping up and down excitedly.

He utters a few words in old Draconian which I didn't recognize, and suddenly the talisman glows bright and illuminates the cavern.

"Come, come my boy. You see, I have been researching this pendant of yours and stumbled upon some amazing information."

We walk a little ways and get to a small opening - Rhondel says another Draconic word and the talisman stops glowing, he then hands it back to me and the room illuminates itself. Theres a pool of sparkling water within the room and a statue of a dragon and a dragonlord fighting. The dragon lords sword looks deep in the dragons heart.

Suddenly my talisman glows, not just blue though, but a rainbow of colors. Rhondel looks at me and smiles.

"Whats going on...?" I ask.

"You, Drake, are much older than you think. Do you know who these 2 beings are?"

I shake my head in confusion

"The Dragonlord is Sithe Starsong, your father, and the elder of the Dragonlords. He died in battle fighting the original dragon elder, Kaedwir, but....not before giving birth to a son...which is you. Drake your date of birth is still unknown to me but from what I've found, you are at least 850 years old. In some old scrolls I've found it says you were born right before the final battle and your father cast a spell of eternal sleep on you, because he knew he could not defeat all the dragon elders alone, and someday it would be your task."

I look at Rhondel dumfounded a little longer.

"Your birth name is Rakzir Starsong - Rakzir translates to Drake in the human tongue, and was given to you so Maltavian wouldnt find you. Unfortunately around 250 years ago he did find you, and you sent him back to the outer rim of the Shadow world."

Well that I knew but..your sure about my age?

"Absolutely, when your put under eternal slumber your memories of the past linger lightly and become vague. Your mother awoke you right before Maltavian took her life."

"I see..." I say, still confused.

"Up untill now I thought Alanna was the only remaining dragon royalty, but your not just any Dragon Lord, your the last Elder Dragon Lord, your power however is not nearly close enough to what it could be, and should be. The sword in this statue is your fathers, Roahnaza is her name. She was once a Draconic Entity, or an Old God if you will, she was banished from the Throne of the Ancients because of her weakness for helping humans. She could not live amongst us as humans though, so she took the form of a sword, which in turn landed in your fathers care. Now Drake...I think its time you take Roahnaza and take care of her, she will help you defeat the greatest evil these lands have ever seen, as well as Alanna."

"Alanna...I hope she is ok..."

"She will be fine, she is no weakling, and to be honest I thought she was the most powerful being alive, but who would of Elder Dragon this whole time, right in front of my eyes. You must wed Alanna, or else when the both of you pass from this world, the legacy of the Dragon Lords."

I stare at the statues for a long while, trying to understand everything Rhondel has told me. It would explain the visions I had when making love to Alanna.

I slowly walk up to the statues and grab the handle. Soon as I do the talisman on my neck glows brightly and the statue explodes, knocking me back a few feet. When I look up the talisman attatches itself to the pommel and stays in midair. I get back up and take the sword in hand. It sends a surge of electricity through my entire body. suddenly it stops glowing and I put it in my scabbard.

"Rhondel, it's almost been 2 hours, I need to get back to Alanna."

I start out of the cavern and Rhondel appears before me.

"Your not going to walk there are you?"

I look at him oddly.

"By the heavens boy...Elor sethi wa nota," he says.

I repeat what he says and my body convulses and wings form from my back.

"You don't have to summon the power from your talisman anymore. Now go to Alanna, she needs you."

I take flight and go as fast as I can to reach Alanna.

"I'm coming my love.." I whisper to myself
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