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Re: Swords and bows
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So we make way for the elven city.  Drake  has sen t a scout   ahead  to send  word   to  Rhondel,  Robert and the  others.   We wait n ow at the meeting place.
   " They should be here by now," says Drake  to Lorendil.
  " My husband to be worries too m much, " i say walk ing up  upon them.
  " Alanna," sa ys Drake,"  I forgot abo ut yo ur keen sense of hearing. I am not worried...d id i say i was worr ied, y o u m ust have mistaken  wha t   I said."
     " D rake,  yo u don' t need to keep worry ing abo u t me, and pro tec t ing me,  I  am fine    ."
     J us t then another sharp pain  h i ts me   and   I fall to the ground.
     " Alanna," Drake yells o u t,  r ushing to my side.
      " Something is wrong Drake, i t  is wa y too early for me  to have these babies. Please  don't let me  lose them  ."
        Drake and Lorendil carry me over r  to a shaded  tree to res t.   D rake  seeks out  the help of  some  elder r village  women.
        One elderly woman kneels  and tends to me.  I recognise her. She was known to be a very wise  woman.   She gives me some he rbs  she has ina small pouch wi th her.   I soon fall asleep.

"   Yo ur wife and five young ones ar e fine," she says to D rake.
  " F ive,! exclaims Drake,"  You must be mis taken, we are only having three."
   " No, i detected five strong heart bea ts, believe me son, the y have not called me  the wise lady of  the village  for nothing.    Now yo ur w ife   m ust  take i t easy and  rest if she is to ca  rr y these babies to full term . I suggest yo u s ta rt making something  to carry he r  on .  She can no t walk to the  elven  city ."
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Re: Swords and bows
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 I wake up to find myself laying   on a wagon  full of hay, being pulled by  two farm horses.  What in the world.  I climb down and  go  to  find Drake, who does not seem very happy  when  he sees me approaching.   Before   i can say a word he picks  me up and carries me back  to the  wagon.  I  start to protest  but then Drake  tells me   what  the old  wise woman  had to say.
  " I'm carrying five babies !  " i exclaim," I'm going to get as big as  a  house.
    There goes my   figure  that i am known  for.    Do i look  huge  to you Drake ?"
     Drake  does not answer  me.
   "  I do don't I, otherwise  you would have said something .  This  is all your  fault  ."    I  shove him off  back of the wagon.    Drake  picks himself up and starts  to brush the dirt off of him.
    " what happen to you ?"  asks Ryza  coming  up to talk to him.
   " Apparently you don't tell a pregnant woman that she is    huge."  sighs  Drake.
   " You did what!" laughs  Ryza," Oh man, are you  crazy   or suicidal ?"
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Re: Swords and bows
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As I sit down next to Alanna in the wagon I can sense Ryza staring at me.

"Something wrong Ry?" I ask.

She just nods her head and looks away.

"I try to kill me and now you can't talk to me huh?" I say with a sarcastic voice.

"You're horrible Drake....thats not it...I'd rather talk about it some other time..." Ryza says as her voice trails off.

Suddenly a small hawk comes zipping down from the sky and lands on my shoulder.

It whispers in my air, its using an old form of Elvish my father had taught me.

"Whats it saying?" Inquires Alanna.

"A friend awaits our arrival in old old friend..." I say before trailing off.

Alanna gives me a funny look and then shrugs.

I fall asleep soon I drift into slumber, a dream begins...

I'm in a room all alone, a dark room with one lonely candle lit in its center. I walk to the candle but It moves back, no matter how quickly I move I cannot catch it.

Suddenly a figure appears and it's Alanna. She is holding the candle and has her eyes closed...

I try to call out to her but I cannot talk.

Alannas eyes open, but they have no form, just blank white. Then a shadow appears behind her, it slowly becomes more clear, and I can see its Maltavian. He is large and overwhelming, he is holding her in his arms and he gives a wicked smile.

I try to scream but nothing comes out, Alanna opens her mouth and a shrill scream sends me flying backwards into the wall.

She turns her head and kisses Maltavian passionately and then the sound of children crying and laughing starts to flood my head. Alanna screams again and knocks me back but this time I begin to fall down a hole, hearing laughter all the way down. Soon as I hit what seems to be the bottom...

I suddenly sit up, awaking from the nightmare in a cold sweat. I look over and see Alanna sleeping soundly, but Ryza was stirred by my sudden movement.

"You had thad dream again didn't you," She asks.

I nod.

"You have been having that dream for as long as I've known you and beyond."

"Yes, but now I know who the woman is." I reply.

Ryza stirs suddenly, "who?" She asks.

"Alanna," I reply.

Ryzas face turns white.
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Re: Swords and bows
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" Alanna ?' asks  Ryza," Are you sure Drake.  I know i don't know  her as well as i know  you,  but  I know  the hatred     she has  for Maltivian.  She  would  never  turn  to him.   Plus  she  loves  you too much. She  would  never leave you."
  "  I know,"  replies Drake," I know  Alanna  would never    willfully  go to Maltivian.  But this  dream is  so real and  the fact  that it is  reoccurring tells me that  something terrible, beyond our imagination is  going  to happen, and that it  will involve  Alanna  choosing between  us  and Maltivian    ."

I hear  the last few  words  of Drake's  and  Ryza's  conversation and I   sit up and  say  ,"  What is  this  about me  and Maltivian ?"

" Nothing my love," says Drake  kissing me on the forhead,"  I  am sorry we woke  you. Go back to sleep ."

" I am awake  now,"  I answer,"  Besides  Drake, I  can tell there is  something you are not telling me.  You have that look  in your  eyes.  Out with it sir.  Tell me  what is bothering you  ?"

"  It is nothing I tell you," replies  Drake.

" Drake Starsong," i say to him impatiently  and  slightly annoyed,"  If we are to be married,   then there are to be no secrets  among us ."

" You should tell her about  the dream Drake," says  Ryza butting  in.

"  What dream ?"  I demand.

  Just then there is a  rumble of  thunder and it begins  to  pour down rain.

  "   This  conversation, can wait till later,"   shouts Drake,"  We need to get the children, the elderly  and  the sick  out of  this rain.  I think i recall seeing a cave  nearby   ."
       I  try to say something back to Drake, but he has already ran off  to help the others.
  "  Ryza, do you know about  the dream  ?" I question her.
   " I  do,"  sighs Ryza," But i think it best that Drake tell you."  She leaps  off the wagon to go help  the others.
            We make tracks to  the  cave. The rain is  coming down harder  and  it is  starting to hail  .  Drake comes to to the wagon and helps carry me inside.
   " This cave is huge ," i say to him,"  Are you sure it is  safe  ."
  "  It is better then being out there in that hail storm,"  says Drake.   
   I stand up and look around.  I feel a sudden chill  down  my spine  and i begin to shiver.   
      "  You are cold ,"  says Drake putting his arms around me  to keep me warm.
      "  Yes, i guess so,"  I replie, but i'm not to sure. Something just does not fell right to me. I snuggle next to Drake  and watch the rain  and hail come  down outside.    I keep feeling uneasy  though.   I turn to say something  to Drake, but from his lack of sleep the last few nights, he is now  sound  asleep.

    I  stand up  and look at the others  huddled  together in the the cave. The young, the old, and  the  sick. I  let out a sigh. Some of the children are running around  playing.    Suddenly i see two young boys  wander off into the darkness of the cave.  I  go  to find  them.
     The cave is dark  and there are many tunnels.  Where did   hte boys  go to?
  They seemed to have just disappeared, but they couldn't have. I know i saw  two small children  come this  way.     Then i heara child crying.  I wander furthur  into one of the tunnels  following the sound of the crying.     I  enter into a large  cavern.  The crying grows louder. The boys must be around  here somewhere.   Suddenly  i feel that cold chill again.    The  walls of the cavern seem to be getting smaller, i feel the  cavern closing in around me...  suddenly a strong odorous gas fills  the cavern. I can't breathe.     I feel  the ground opening up underneath me. I see the arms of some monstrous creature  reaching out to pull me under. I try to fight, but i can't breathe  and  i  pass out cold.

 I wake up to find myself   in some under ground dark cavern.  I look down at myself. I look the same, but for some reason i feel different.  I go to shout out to the others  for help.   A loud  evil like, hiss comes out of my voice.
 What in the world !   I call out again.  A  evil voice laughs inside of me.
     "   You  are awake, I see   dear human  ," it says  to me.
      "  Who are you   ?"  I    shout.
       "   I  am  a  soul reaper.  We area demon like creature  . We enter ones body and take  control  of their minds ."
        "   I will not let you control me    ! "  I  shout.
    "   That's it,"  the demon hisses," We like  when you get angry, for  we  feed on anger  and  hatred    ."
       Then i just have to remain calm and  think of happy  thoughts, I think to  myself.   I  can do that.   I think of Drake  and our unborn children.  I  feel happy.     I  don't hear the demon. This is working  i say to myself.  I  find a tunnel and make  my way  down  it.   It end up leading me   back  to the main cave  entrance  and  to where the others are.
      "   There you are ," says  Ryza,' Drake has been looking for  you.   Are you okay ?"
            "  I am  fine  ,"  I  hiss.

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Re: Swords and bows
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I walk up behind Alanna and put my hand on her shoulder. "Fine? That didn't sound very fine to me my love."

"I'm fine!" Shouts Alanna and everyone turns to her. "I'm fine! I don't appreciate you prodding me! GRRR!!!" Alanna storms off back into the cave.

Ryza looks to me and we both shrug.

"So...maybe..the pregnancy is getting to think?"

Ryza just gives me a weird look and rolls her eyes. "I hardly think so..didn't you hear the way she talked...sounded..different. I had this weird feeling from being near her just now."

The two of us enter the cave to follow Alanna.

"How deep does this cavern go?"

"Deep, I noticed Drow ruins on some of the walls..." I reply.

"Drow?? You don't think this goes to..." Ryza starts to say before being cut short by an Arrow that whirs by.

We both jump and instinctively Ryza summons a light orb which illuminates the cavern.

"Well whatever was here is gone, I'm guessing most of the creatures in these parts aren't to fond of light."

Suddenly the touch of cold steel pushes against my throat and Ryzas light goes out.

"You would be wise to come have no choice.."

I hear a laugh and then a sudden thud to the back of my head as I pass out cold.
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Re: Swords and bows
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 Then  I ryza over the head as well.
" What are you doing?"   I yell out to the demon inside of me," You could have killed them.."
  " thats the way," says  the demon," Be angry."
   " I have had enough of you," i shout
    " I ahve had enough of you," mimics  the demon.
      " Stop."
       " Stop."
     I kneel beside Drake.
       "  Kill him, kill him now,"  says   the demon.
        " No, he is my soul mate. I  love him."
        "  he  does not love you," hisses  the demom.
         " How  do you know ?"
         "    You loves the other woman with him ."
          " That is not true," i shout.
           " that it get angry," hisses the demon.  The demon feds  on my anger taking control of my mind.  I pick up   knife  and  go to  stab Ryza, but Drake wakens  and ses me  and  leaps at me knocking the knife out of my hands.
           " No !"  I hiss at him.     Drake holds me  tight. I fight gainst  trying to break free.
    " Alanna, please love, it is okay,"  says Drake  witha soothing voice,"  Calm is okay, everything is going to be okay."
    "  Drake."    I look at him   and i begin to cry.   
       "  It is okay my love,  we will get help for  you,"  replies Drake.
       "  No,"  I replie," You cannot help me.   It is best you stay away from me.  I almost killed the both of you."  I turn from him and  run down the dark tunnels.

    I run until  i can no longer run.  I  stand  sobbing.
          " What ashame  to see such a pretty face    soaked  with tears,"  says  avoice i have  heard before, and had grown to detest.
         " Maltivavian, show  yourself  ,"  I shout.
  He appears before  me.
       " I should have known  you were behind  this,"  I hiss at him.
       "  I had nothing to do with this," he replies.
         " I don't believe  you,"  I snap back at him.
          " tis  a pity  then," he sighs,"  For i was going to help you."
         " Why  would you help me,"  i shout,"  what do you want from me ?"
        " If you recall i did love and  care  for you  and  I still do ."
           " I'm listening,"  I replie.
          "   You  agreee to be my mistress and  I will rid you of this  denom."
             " Never," I shout.
            " very well then," says Maltavian,"  suit yourself. But i do know a thing or two about soul reapers.I have dealt with them before. first they control your mind. then they will take over your body. and you don't want anything to happen  to those unborn children you are carrying  do you. who knows what the demon could  do  to them.     Come  with me  and i will protect you, and i promise  no harm to the children."
      I don't know what to say.  I don't want to give into my enemy, but what if Maltivian is  right. Oh come on Alanna he is just trying to trick you. But then again  what if he is right. I want no harm  to come  to  my children.

         " Very well Maltivian," i sigh," I will go with you. But you must promise me  not to harm the children  and leave my people  alone."
          " as long as i have you ," smiles Maltivian," I can agrre to the other conditions."
              I  let out a sad sigh and go off with Maltivian  to become his  mistress.  I look back. I can hear voices.    Drake.   I  am so sorry  my  love, but i must do what i have  to do to protect our children.
              Drake  comes running     towrds me, just as i vanish out of sight with Maltavian.
          " No !" cries out Drake.

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Re: Swords and bows
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  Maldivian  puts  a blindfold on me.
  " what is  this  for ?' i demand.
   "It is just until we get to my  keep" he replies,"I would not want you to try to escape  once we get there."
  "   I  told you I  would not try to escape  if  you help me to rid me of the soul reapers."
   Maldivian insists that i remain blindfolded. So be it, little does he know  that i can still see.  I am led thru several dark tunnels. Finally we reach a entrance, and we step out into daylight again.   We are on  a sandy beach.  Maltivian's  pirate ship  sits off shore  waiting.   I am led to a row boat, and ordered to climb  in.
   " Where are you taking me ?' I protest.
   " We are going to our new home  love," Maldivian replies.
      We  row out to the ship.   I look back at the shore, wondering if i will ever see this land again,  and if I will ever see my family or Drake.
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